Yamba with our family

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After a few relaxing days at Girraween, we headed over to Yamba on the coast to meet up with our family.  The weekend went so quickly and now we are on our own again, but we had a lovely 2 days with all the kids. Xavier’s birthday is coming up soon so we had a little present for him, a Tonka dump truck, which he loved pushing around.  Saturday we spent the afternoon in the pool, ordering food and drinks without even getting out of the pool!!!  Xavier thought it was pretty cool doing “cheers”  with nana, over and over again.  The little girls, Mackenzie and Imogen had a great time playing in the pool play area where we could keep an eye on them whilst relaxing ourselves.  It was a lovely time to spend with our kids.  Thank you Dee for showing me THE nicest cocktail on the menu and Kezia for the hair cut!!!

9 thoughts on “Yamba with our family

  1. Hello travellers! I’ve been thinking about you guys today. You’ve left a big hole here but glad to see your journey so far has been enjoyable. You look relaxed!! Enjoy xx


    1. Hello Anthea yes was thinking about you too – missed being there! The park here is so lovely and the kids loved it! We are staying on til Friday then who knows! Maybe down to Tamworth to see Jacks sister! Hope you are well!


    2. Hi Anthea I did reply to your comment but can’t see it now…still trying to work this blog thing out! Having a relaxing time so far…. Trying to get my head around that this isn’t a holiday but a way of life now! Miss you all but glad to be getting emails etc from SBM – feel very much part of it even tho we are not there. Exited for your dedication happening this Sunday with Mark and Iragi coming up! You guys must be such an important part of their lives still! Will be thinking of you all! Love and hugs Christine xx


    1. Hey Fred must ring for a chat soon…in the mean time, yes we did have a good weekend with the family. Its back to me and JD now and quite relaxed. Went for a 8k walk this morning along the river and was looking forward to bacon and eggs for brekky on our return only to realise when we got back, no eggs! We had cooked up a mass of scrambled eggs yesterday for the family! Doh! Cereal and toast instead. Give our love to everyone. xx


  2. Hi Chris and Jack, Carla here….we came home yesterday afternoon after 2 lovely weeks away. Have just enjoyed reading your blog from go to woe! Have not been on the computer for over a week. I’m catching up on mail, email and phone calls and plan to pop over to meet Tom and Tina at the end of the week….Girraween looks lovely and great you were able to enjoy getting together with your family at Yaamba. Love and Blessings from your Windsor Circle neighbours…. Carla and Eric xx


    1. Hey Carla and Eric
      Good to see you here! We are having a lovely time just relaxing now and trying to get our head around the fact that we aren’t on holiday, this is our way of life now! I miss everyone but will get use to it in time, I hope! Have met some lovely folk so far but of course everyone comes and goes. We are moving on to Nundle at the end of this week for a few days. After that not sure just yet. Love to you both xx


      1. Make sure you go and visit the Woollen Mill at Nundle Chris….it is an amazing place with old looms weaving lots of beautiful coloured wool….Eric and I were there 12 months ago! xx

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