Getting up close with the locals

IMG_0502IMG_0501 IMG_0503

This big fella wandered across into our camp site the other day; have seen him around  a bit; obviously not bothered by us 2 legged species.  But I was a little bit horrified when he started climbing up our ranger – and disappearing into the engine bay!!  Turns out though, as Jack pointed out, we have a radiator guard on so he couldn’t really go anywhere!  Once the ‘beast’ had left, Jack investigated what he might have been after – we thought maybe the squashed insects on the guard.  However, it was a bird! Squashed and stinking! Yuk, poor little bird!

IMG_0506 IMG_0505

Now these pics are for you Susan!!! See this is why we need 2 laptops! I can do my blog and play with my photos, while Jack ‘works’ on the stock market!  It has always been our goal – travel whilst trading!!!! (and drinking coffee).

…….AND NOW FOR  TOUCH OF CUTENESS!!!!!  Our little grandson, Xavier Jack.


IMG_3497 IMG_3484


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