At Nundle

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Amazing views from Hanging Rocks.  We were just blown away by the depth and length of this, the Peel Valley.  When Scott was very young we brought him up here in the winter and he played in the snow!!!!  Steve was just  new born so he stayed home with his grandmother.  We are camped at Nundle at the moment and the temperature dropped to 6 degrees overnight!  Was lovely to have the quilt on the bed and not be hot, but a bit challenging getting up in the morning!! Nundle itself is a very interesting quaint little town.  They have the only still working Wool Mill here, amazing the huge old machine that still work and produce wool.  One machine is over 100 hundred years old – they don’t make ’em like that anymore.  Its a lovely town to just stroll around and pop into the little shops and craft places.  Jack’s sister Maureen, her husband Bill  and son Brian came up yesterday for a visit.  It was lovely to see them again after so long.  Tomorrow we are heading into Tamworth for the day to pick up ‘supplies’ then we are free camping out at Chaffey Dam, photos below.  Really looking forward to getting the dinghy in the water, doing a spot of fishing and doing some bike riding (Jack had to fix a puncture on his bike today and we haven’t even turned a wheel yet!) We will also be having billy tea and damper on the open fire!  Anyone for morning tea???

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