Still at Chaffey Dam

Nundle is an amazing little town and we spent a couple of hours yesterday wondering around again! We had a lovely trout and salad lunch in a gold mine cafe! There was actually an old mine shaft in the restaurant! And an historic display to walk through of what the gold mines of the day would have been like. Oh and did I mention the chocolates? Oh my, we looked and looked and appreciated the work that had gone into making them…..but we escaped before our resolve weakened and didn’t buy even one, phew! Unfortunately at the moment we have no power so an not able to use my laptop as the battery is flat and for some strange quirky reason my iPad will not let me upload pics onto our blog. So the visual of the chocs will have to wait for another day! We are going up to Nundle tomorrow for the Saturday morning stalls, to buy blackberry pies and rhubarb pies freshly made by the locals! Yum! Staying away from the chockies though.
God bless, C&J

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