Sunday morning thought

Isaiah 60:1 Arise, my people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you.

Since we have been here at Chaffey Dam, Jack and I have been riding our bikes quite a lot. The roads in and around the recreation area of the dam aren’t that great, well, some of them are more overgrow tracks than roads, with large stones and worn away pot holes, and the occasional tree root. I have slipped and slid and wobbled around but, thank goodness I haven’t fallen off. Or maybe I should say Thank God. It occurred to me while we were riding this morning that God is with me all the time, helping me, protecting me, making my day brighter and safer. I have a lot of time to think and talk to God whilst we are riding as Jack is much fitter and stronger than me and is usually a good 100 metres or more ahead, finding a nice shady tree to wait for me to catch up every now and then. I don’t mind riding by myself as, like I said it gives me time to just think and talk to the Lord. Anyway I am wondering off. What I was thinking about this morning whilst riding was all the times when we head off I say a little prayer that I will stay on the bike and not tumble over the stones and gravel and injury myself! I realised this morning that I have probably been unaware of the number of times God has helped me stay up right when I do slip and slide and wobble but don’t tumble! It also occurred to me that I am probably not aware at just how many times during my day to day life God has intervene in some small way to save me from falling! He keeps my life on track and safe because I am precious to Him, wow! Thank you Lord. God loves us so much and He wants us to enjoy a good, no, a great life, shining the light of His glory where ever we go with people we meet, testifying to His goodness and His love for us.
Love and hugs and
God bless,
C & J

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning thought

  1. Thank you Lord for keeping Christine safe on her bike, even tho’ she gets the wobblies…………hahahaha, love ya sis, hugs to you and Jack xxxxoooo


  2. So enjoy reading your blog Chris and Jack and what you are up to! Yes, Nundle is a lovely little town. Eric and I so enjoyed it there last year. One of the locals opened up the museum for us and showed us around. The woollen mill of course was my favourite place!!! We stayed in a cabin at the caravan park. The tourist information centre is there and an amazing collection of big gem stones all polished and all shapes. It really is worth a visit.
    We have Leanne home this weekend. Went to the Food and Wine in the park yesterday. Leanne had her 20 year (class of 1995) reunion there. It was nice catching up with some of her school mates from her high school era! The days are still quite warm here, especially in the afternoon but the nights and mornings are cooling down.
    We still have’nt been over to meet Tom and Tina……hope to do that this week… just is busy when home….well, not too busy, but there is always something to attend to….door bell ringing, phone ringing….all good….that is why we enjoy “leaving” from time to time to housesit and cruise!
    Love your spot at Chaffey Dam! So peaceful….enjoy! Lots of Love, Carla xx (and Eric)


    1. Hi Carla and Eric. Thank you for your comments! Yes we stayed in the van park too, for 4 nights before moving on to Chaffey Dam! It’s a lovely little park and as you said the information centre was really good the stone/Rock collection is amazing. We also went up to the trout farm and been and seen everything there is here now! Moving on tomorrow. Loved hearing from you and all your news. C xx


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