Its been a week

My gosh, it’s Sunday again and I realise its been a week since I posted here. We have now moved on from Chaffey Dam, hard as it was we realised we are supposed to be out there seeing Australia, not lounging around at the dam.  Though, we were not just lounging, with other grey nomads, we were also doing a lot of bike riding, getting better and stronger each day, eating the right stuff (no cheese and bikkies!) and breathing fresh fresh air! Here are just a couple of pics of our week there.

IMG_3522 IMG_3525 IMG_3520

that last pic is looking back towards our camp site.

As I posted in my last blog we visited the Nundle Woollen Mill and the Gold mine café so here are a few pics that I was unable to post last week…


There’s the chocolates, Susan.   Aren’t they gorgeous! We decided we wouldn’t have any, as we are trying to eat healthier and would be better for the waist line anyway!

IMG_0466 IMG_0467


We also made a special trip into Nundle Saturday morning as the local ladies have a stall full of yummy local produce and baking……mmmmmmm, that’s a blackberry tart and a rhubarb pie with fresh cream (eating them made me wonder why I bothered saying no to the chocolates actually).


So we have now moved on to a place called Coolah.  Apparently the name Coolah means valley of wind and it is certainly living up to that name as we have had a couple of very windy days and nights and have had to put the awning away a few times.  Yesterday we went to the Dundeedoo Country Show which was a treat, lots of horses and ring events, show jumping etc which kept us entertained for the day.

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Until next time, God bless

Christine & Jack

10 thoughts on “Its been a week

    1. I was wondering if the local show ring events were anything like the gay mardi gra in Sydney will have. Great reading and take it from me all this eating healthy food is all bullshit. The stress you put yourself through turning away from a few nice things will kill you. Lol


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