The Drip!

Monday – and we went exploring the district, as Coolah Tops national park is still closed.   We had been told about a spot called The Drip, when we visited Gulgong last week, so headed off there with a picnic lunch in the back.  Wow, what a lovely walk through the bush, the track followed this beautiful clear running stream for about 2 kms to the most lovely spot, The Drip.  Here is a picture, which better describes what we saw than my limited word vocabulary!

IMG_3528 IMG_3531 IMG_3533 IMG_3537

Hmmmm, maybe the photos don’t do the place justice so you will just have to believe me!! Haha!  You can see in the top right pic there is green on the side of the rock face, well that is where the drip gets its name from – the water trickles constantly all along there!

Then finally, yeehar and hoooooray, the national park is open today!  Yay, so we have decided to stay in Coolah a couple more days so as we could, today go up there and have a look around.  Coolah Tops National Park is, after all, why we came this way!  So we went, with a picnic lunch again….see this is us having lunch in the bush……


It was well worth the wait, the views from up there were amazing!  We felt like we were on top of the world, especially at a spot called the Pinnacle – and that’s what it was, jutting out of the side of the mountain as we walked out, it got narrower and narrower with the drops on either side just a little scary!! Here take a look

IMG_3558 IMG_3560

ok Jack, that’s far enough.

The reason the park had been closed was that, even though there was a total fire ban across the whole of NSW, the rangers decided to do a burn off last week. (No, I am not saying a word, Col and Sandy!! hehe).  It all went well, turns out they did know what they were doing, two days later the gale force winds through here would have caused disaster, but by then the fires were out, almost.  As we drove back down the mountains today there was still the remnants of bush fire.


What a bonza day!  Thank you Lord!

5 thoughts on “The Drip!

  1. Great walk hey. So glad you got up to the tops. So where to next and are you heading off tomorrow?

    Love you heaps. Enjoy. Hugs Sue xxxx


    1. It was and the good thing was you have to drive up the mountain!! The walk is easy!! haha! Have you been to the Drip – lovely hey! We are off tomorrow, Friday, to Rylstone where we’ll stay over Easter and then who knows where we’ll go! Have a few weeks to fill in until we go to Canberra. Have had a great time here at Coolah this park is really good and the folks that live here are a friendly lot!


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