Exploring Rlystone

Today we went to explore the country side of this area.  Have been hearing about a place called Dunn’s Swamp so packed a picnic lunch and off we went.  What a lovely place, not really a swamp at all but a camping area in a national park, right next to a lovely lake.  Before we had our picnic though, there were signs pointing to “weir 1.2 km”  “long cave 2.4kms” so decided to don the hats, get the water and walking pole and set out.  So glad we did, the pictures, yet again, don’t do justice to the beauty of this area.

high up just beautiful

The walk started out fairly easy but then we started the uphill climb, over rocks, along narrow ledges and lots of stairs.  Here’s a couple of pictures Jack took …. me on the stairs (obviously) then a picture from the top looking back to some mores stairs we had come up! I am getting fitter, but they still managed to take my breath and I had to stop a couple of times to suck in wind!

steps up pic of steps

Then we finally reached ‘the long cave’ quite impressive I must say!

long cave part of walk

We did a circuit which took us around the mountain a bit and we saw a lyre bird in the bush . First up I thought it was a bush turkey so didn’t bother getting my camera ready, so when it came out of the bush and across the path in front of us I was unprepared and didn’t get a piccy! We arrived back at the lake about 1.5 hours later and ready for lunch by the lake!  I couldn’t help but think what a great spot if we had kayaks – our dingy with its outboard would have spoiled the serenity of this place.  As I was pondering this and taking the photo below, I realised there were indeed some people in a kayak in the distance! Can you spot them?!

Another awesome day!


8 thoughts on “Exploring Rlystone

  1. wow, u guys r having a blast…………..u will be skin and bones if u keep up with all the walks, hahaha. bless ya both, love and hugs……………..steve and co where here on sat arvo, left sun lunchtime, was great to see them……..


  2. Hey Jacky and Chris, you are seeing some amazing parts of this country. Photos are great, keep them coming. Enjoying following you and seeing what fabulous adventures you’re having along the way. much love. Chrissy and Paul. xx


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