Lake Burrendong

We moved on from Rlystone a couple of days ago.  The weather had turned nasty, with plenty of rain, wind and cold weather so were suffering a bit of cabin fever!  Before we left, though, we rugged up and walked up to the village and had yum char, for the 2nd time! (These pics were from our 1st visit, when the weather was much nicer).


It sure is yum!!!  We also walked along to the Bowling Club on our last night, as we had been invited to the Rotary meeting held there, the previous Saturday when we were chatting to them at their sausage sizzle.  What a nice, welcoming bunch of people. They presented Jack with a little banner to take back to Kingaroy branch (note: Jack has a cardigan on, so you know it was cold!!)


So we are now at Burrendong, beside the lake which is just lovely, and the fact that the weather is sunny and 27 degrees makes all the difference!  Here there is plenty of places for us to ride the bikes around this area, but also just down the road is Burrendong Botanic Gardens and Arboretum, which is on 164 acres.   Apparently it contains about 50,000 native plants, “arguably one of the largest  collections of native plants in Australia, many of which are now classed as endangered species”.  So its interesting riding around there though there is plenty of hills to try my fitness levels on!  I must say, I am improving! So here are just a smattering of photos while in the gardens this morning, we are so glad we brought the bikes along!

another nice picnic spot in the glen view from the topIMG_3640

The next couple of pics are just around the dam area, with a view from our camp site and a bit of a hill, I had to stop half way up to take the photo (that was my excuse anyway!)

view from our place uphill

Until next time,

God Bless

Christine and Jack

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