Still at Lake Burrendong!

The weather is getting warmer! S’pose to be 29 on Friday, so we decided, why move further south when we can get on the water in our dingy, or ride around 164 acres of botanic gardens safely on our bikes!!  So we are here for another week.  Scott, following your sound advise we did go to Wellington Caves yesterday and really enjoyed revisiting Cathedral Cave – amazing….

IMG_3643 IMG_3645IMG_3644

This was inside a massive cavernous cave, and was used as a church back in the 1800s with the preacher climbing up onto it and preaching from the ‘pulpit’ (3rd picture).  The fascinating thing is that the bible was left on the pulpit, and you can see it there right in the middle; it has been ‘dripped on’ for over 100 years and is now part of the crystallisation process and can’t be moved!! Amazing.

Today it was out with the pushies again and off to the botanic gardens to explore Fern Gully.  What an amazing place this was, we really enjoyed wandering around amongst the ferns and listening to the birds.  We were the only ones there so it was so very peaceful.  Here are just a few of the photos we took!

fern gully rocks jd in fern valley grass

Steve if you have a look at top LH photo you can see the canopy I was telling you about!  There is 5500 sq mtrs of man made canopy over Fern Gully – turning it into this amazing place.  The only down side was I got a puncture, another one!  That makes 5 altogether for me, 1 for Jack! Jack had to abandon me there and ride back to the van (1.5kms) to get the car and the puncture kit!

That’s all for now folks, the dishes are almost all done so I can finish up this blog and get it posted and miss out on the wiping up haha!

God bless,

Jack and Christine

7 thoughts on “Still at Lake Burrendong!

  1. Hi Jack & Christine,
    We have been out of circulation for a few weeks yes the OP went well and the healing is good went to see the surgeon in Toowoomba yesterday and all is going well won’t have to go back for another three months.
    Looking through the photos you have put up realise we have visited some of those places. Getting itchy feet but don’t think we would be able to keep up the pace you are setting. You have been to quite a few lovely spots so far so keep enjoying your travels.
    Blessings to you both

    Love Tom & Tina


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