Hello from Blayney!

It’s been awhile since I have been able to log onto my blog site, and I only realised today that my laptop not only wouldn’t log onto my blog but wouldn’t go on the internet at all! Doh! I didn’t realise this as I use my phone or ipad all the time for emails and accessing the net and only use my laptop for my blog site (cant do it on ipad which is really weird) and for editing and storing pictures. Anyway, once I realised that my laptop wouldn’t get on the internet at all, I was able to fix the problem, after a bit of cursing (sorry Ps Anthea, Ps Lyle) and Jack stepping in with his ever so calming patience, so here I am! Back in action!!!!

We had a great time at Lake Burrendong and were tempted to stay on for another week, but seeing as how we now live in a “mobile home”, we thought we’d better get mobile,  so here we are at Blayney.   Not much further south but gradually edging our way to Shell Harbour for a week with Jack’s family, then our scheduled week in Canberra to be in parliament for question time, yesss! Then we do a big U-turn and head north to warmer temperatures hopefully.  We now have the heater on from about 4pm in the afternoon, brrrrrr, and as I peeked out the window this morning there was a bit of frost around!  We were able to go out on the bikes today (after 5 days of not nice weather, or doing the tourist thing, travelling around checking out very old and quaint little towns in this area).  So, Jack managed to find a good bike ride heading out of town and up lots of hills (got to have hills for fitness, apparently!!!!)  Still, I am enjoying the slog of  being in gear 1:1 which, I am sure I could walk quicker than pedal, but I am getting up them thar hills these days!

We went into Bathurst on Anzac day to join in cheering the diggers on in the parade and then attended the service in the memorial gardens; it was a very moving ceremony and I couldn’t help remembering being in Kingaroy, in Memorial Park for the 11am service last year, with my mum.  She enjoyed the service there very much, and also the parade. Anyway, it was lovely.  The crafty ladies from Bathurst and districts around and even a group from Tasmania, knitted poppies, hundreds and hundreds of them and the poppies adorned the gardens in the park, as well as small white crosses, one for each soldier from Bathurst that died.  Each cross, 436 in all, had a soldier’s name written on it.  As I said, very moving.

IMG_3680 IMG_3682 IMG_3685 IMG_3687

From there we went up to Mt Panorama and did a few “hot” laps – well, you are only allowed to do 60 kms so we didn’t get too excited!  Its an amazing road, just a normal street really and going around made me get a whole new appreciation of how skilful those race drivers are!  The view from up the top of the track is a vista.

IMG_3696 IMG_3698 IMG_3711IMG_3705

We also went to the museum there with all the history of the racing and lots and lots of bikes and race cars on display.  I was thinking about my nephew Garry, and his dad Robert – they would have been in there all day, I am sure – love the race cars!  Jack enjoyed it a lot, especially all the racing bikes, some even ex Tamworth and one the same as the last one he raced (now vintage and in a museum, how old does that make me feel!)

IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3717 IMG_3718

Me, I had had enough after a couple of hours and was keen to get home for a coffee!!!

Until next time…which won’t be long as I have a “magpie” post to share now!!!

Love and God bless

Jack and Christine

4 thoughts on “Hello from Blayney!

  1. Was the last bike Jacky rode the Hagon Jap?? Hope you have good weather for your Shell Harbour visit. At least you know it wont be 42 degs…..😃 xxx


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