Shell Harbour

We are now down at Shell Harbour enjoying the warmer weather and the sun shine; we even went for a long walk along the beach this morning, bliss!

Not so bliss was the trip down here last Saturday.  We had to come across and down the Blue Mountains, through Lithgow, Katoomba and down Mt Ousley.  When we left Blayney it was dull and overcast, and promise of things to come!  Rain, so hard at times that we could not see a car length in front of us, then over the mountains, rain, sleet and clouds which reduced visibility even further!  Though that may have been a blessing in some ways as I couldn’t see how far the drop off the mountains was!  Through Penrith, absolutely bucketing rain and we arrived at the caravan park, which is right on the beach, in the pouring rain.  After we got the caravan on site and the annexe out it was time of a cuppa and wait for the showers to stop to set up camp for the week.  The surf was pounding and it was very noisy the first night but the weather has cleared and it is so beautiful here!  As I type this I can look out the front window and see the ocean, not 50 metres away!

We have been spending time with 2 of Jack’s sisters and his brother in law while here.  Its been lovely to catch up with them.  Yesterday they  took us driving to look at an amazing bridge built out from the cliff face (the old road use to get great boulders falling down on it – and then there was a huge slip so the road was closed for safety reasons!) and this bridge, Sea Cliff Bridge was built out over the ocean.  Here’s some pics:

IMG_3729 IMG_3737 IMG_3740

I never seem to be able to get good photos in the sunshine but you get the picture!  Its a double lane highway, and had a walking path  as well.

IMG_3738 IMG_3743

So here we all are!  It’s very pretty down here, the rolling hills are so green and the ocean is so clear – and the weather so warm! Lovely!  Next week we brave Canberra!  Brrrrr!

Til then, love to all

Jack and Christine

6 thoughts on “Shell Harbour

  1. Good to hear from you. Looks fantastic where you are. When you move to Canberra the weather will change again. I think you are better off staying where you are. It will cold outside parliament house and too hot in side. Ahhhhhhhh, Mr Speaker the member from Wide Bay Ahhhhhhh, Mr (Jack Delaney) is in the house and wants to address the house. Hope you enjoy your time there. I reckon a couple of selfless with Tony and the boys will be the go. Take care and look forward to your next update.


  2. Stunning part of the NSW coast.!!! Australia is truly a beautiful country. That bridge is spectacular. Keep the pics coming 😃 xx


    1. thank you Chris for your continuing comments! Its nice to get feed back so as we know we are being read!!!! The Bridge was amazing! And nice to share with family we haven’t seen for a long time! Love J & C


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