Canberra – Love it here!!

Wow, what a place!  We have been out and about everyday, so much to see, do and experience.  The War Memorial is an amazing place that every Australian should/must visit at least once.  So much information about our history and what I loved was that where ever you walked or explored, there were stories of individual men and women, brave people who have gone before us! We spent 5 hours wandering around here, no coffee break or lunch break, silly us, we were just so absorbed in the history, both past and current.

We have been up the Telstra tower which is on top of a mountain so the views over Canberra are impressive.  From here you can see the whole layout of Canberra and all the important icons.


On Monday we went to Old Parliament House and were able to wonder around as we liked and found it fascinating!  Seeing the old PM’s offices, the rooms made available to the Queen when she visited, the media rooms, house of reps and senate of course.  It was really good and we so enjoyed out time here.  I even got to sit in the Speaker’s Chair! And both Jack and I loved the paintings of the PM’s on the walls, dating right back to the first PM.  I loved John Howard’s the best, as it was quite informal and included his wife, which I think is great, for the office of PM must surely include the wife!

IMG_3752 IMG_3748

We spent the afternoon in the National Museum which was another amazing place.  Tuesday we went to The Royal Mint – where all the coins and medals of worth are made…again, very interesting.  I especially liked the display of $100,000 worth of $1 coins! No need to worry about change for the washing machines any longer!!

show me the money

We then drove out to the NASA Deep Space Station and nosed around there for a few hours then stopped off at Cotter Dam on the way back.

IMG_3768 IMG_3763 IMG_3755IMG_3757

Such  a great day out!  We finished our day meeting up with Jack’s nephew and his partner for tea at the local pub which was lovely until a live band started playing a gig and we could no longer hear each other talk!  Never mind, we will catch up with them again at their place on Friday.

Today, Wednesday was amazing as we went to the High Court and we could actually go into Court Room 1 whilst an appeal was being heard!  There was the  Chief Justice (he’s the highest lawman in the land) and 4 Justice judges sitting – I thought it might bore me but after 15 mins I was right into it!!! We sat there until recess – about 1.5 hours! Then we were able to wonder around and go into the other 2 court rooms (no action in either of them).  When we came back to the car, fortunately we had the thermos and some cuppa soups with us, as it started to – well at first we thought snow, but it wasn’t, more like fluffy ice! Not quite hail but not snow either, but little icy fluff balls! Brrrrrr, so we sat in the car and watched and enjoyed our soup!


Tomorrow is THE day! I am so excited as we are going to Parliament House and have booked our seats for Question Time!  I am hoping there will be some serious arguing after the budget and budget reply! Just to actually be there and watch the Parliamentary process live and in action will be amazing!!!

May God bless you and love to all

until next time

Jack & Christine

2 thoughts on “Canberra – Love it here!!

  1. loving the info and the pics……………hope u both have a wonderful day tomorrow……..tis a democracy so u should be able to voice your opinions in “the house” haahahahaha………… soon, lv n hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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