Last few sunny days in Canberra

Well Question Time in parliament did not disappoint….. was the best hour!! I loved being there and seeing all the pollies, live and in action!  It was the most entertaining hour I have spent in a long time! Parliament House itself is an amazing building, huge and ornate – we spent hours wondering around there and enjoyed the day so much.  Then at 4.45pm we went back to the War Memorial where, every day, they have the Last Post ceremony and honour someone who lost their life in a war.  Their rellies can come along and lay wreaths and the bugler playes the Last Post after they have read out the person’s story.  Its a very moving experience, there was at least 500 people there on either side of the Pool of Reflection, and lots of school children and it was great when they played the national anthem to hear the kids singing loud and proud!

Then on Friday we went out to Cockington Green – I will let the photos do the talking here…..

IMG_3801 IMG_3803 IMG_3806 IMG_3808 IMG_3810 IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_3827

The one where Jack it watching a soccer match depicts the very first streaker!  The copper used his hat to cover the man’s private parts, years later that hat sold at auction for nearly 3000 pounds!!!

Our last outing in Canberra was to the Arboretum  which is being developed partly where the devastating fires burnt out all those years ago.  The Bonsai society have a new building there and the display of bonsai trees is amazing (I seem to be using that word a lot lately).  Here are just a few…

IMG_3834 IMG_3836 IMG_3838 IMG_3841

We did go out to Peter and Rachel’s place for tea.  When we arrived Pete said I hope you guys like salmon! Bingo, that’s definitely Jacks favourite and I love it too so Pete did well there!!! Then as we were heading out of Canberra on Saturday morning we had to go right past  the hockey grounds where Jack’s other nephew and his daughter were, as she, Deanna, plays hockey.  So we pulled up there and had a coffee with Michael and saw Deanna play.  All in all a great visit to Canberra, one I will not forget in a long time. Now, with our noses pointing north, we are on our way to Caloundra for 10 days to catch up with family and friends and celebrate Scott’s 40th birthday! (I still can’t get my head around having a son who is turning 40, it doesn’t seem that long ago I turned 40, sheesh)!! Then the Big Lap starts.

Until next time, thank you for reading our blog, I hope you it.

Love hugs and God Bless

Christine and Jack

7 thoughts on “Last few sunny days in Canberra

      1. sneaky week in Caloundra, yes………..wot a lovely week we had!!!! hoping all went well Tuesday and now u r at Burrum heads…………..hope we can catch up on the road somewhere, love n hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You have certainly done your best down south!!!!… I’m sure there is lots more to come yet.
    But yes keep the picies coming they are very interesting.


    1. Thanks for the comments Tom and Tina! I hope our house. is by now feeling like your home! We are having a great time, as I guess you can relate, seeing some of our beautiful and unique country! Really looking forward to getting off the beaten track in the coming months.


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