Where did that month go?

Hello again….I feel like I have abandoned my blog as its been nearly a month since my last post!  We left Canberra on the 16th May after catching up with Jacks nephew for tea on Friday night then going to a hockey game with his other nephew on Saturday morning before heading north.  We stopped overnight at Blayney then onto Gulgong for 2 nights and a ride around the town.  Then on to a lovely little caravan park at Manilla – part of Jack’s old stomping grounds so of course went to the Royal Hotel for tea.  We got the bikes out again and did a  few kilometres around the area looking for geocaches.  Then onto Nobby and a free camp night next to the famous Rudd’s Pub, where Steele Rudd spent a lot of time writing the Dad & Dave series – had tea there too!

We booked into Dicky’s beach for a week and what a great week it was!  Having arrived there Friday, what a huge surprise to find both my sisters and brothers in law camping there – booked in for a week also!!! What a treat!

IMG_0717 IMG_0719 IMG_0718

We had such a great time catching up and spending time together, and us three girls went on a shopping trip to Cotton Tree, while the boys headed to Caloundra Air museum. (and yes I was able to help Jack out, took his new credit card with me and gave it a real good try out).

I also got to catch up with my good friend for years and years Suzanne and her partner Noel when they came up for a visit.  Suzanne and I met when our two sons were 5, that’s 35 years ago, and have been through thick and thin together so it was lovely to have the day with her.

IMG_0712 IMG_0713

Then of course, the reason we are still lurking around and not on our big lap yet was our son Scott’s 40th birthday celebration!  Dee had booked us all into Ridges on Southbank so we could just walk to the restaurant, which overlooked the river, for a fantastic dinner.

Facebook-20150613-120035 IMG_0726

That was a massive night, caught up with people and had a great night.  Though I did feel a little bad as I didn’t think I would last til midnight so told the babysitter I would relieve her around 9.30.  Ooops, main meal didn’t get served til 9.20, then there was dessert and coffee and before I knew it, Jack and I were heading back to the motel, strolling through SouthBank, at midnight! Sorry!  Dee said she rewarded her well for her efforts!!!!

We went from here up to Kingaroy for the night and parked our van on our friend’s front lawn overnight.  Wowsers, we woke up in the morning to white lawn and very cold!


So after all that we moved on to Burrum Heads and what a lovely week we had there, such a lovely spot, I fancied myself living there, for a while.

IMG_3845 IMG_3847 IMG_3849

Sandy and Col came up for the long weekend and we had big plans of fishing and knitting and chatting.  But the wind was strong, and even though the boys did go out, they didn’t manage to catch any thing but Sandy and I had a wonderful morning knitting and chatting anyway!  We also went out on the bikes, so I could show Sandy what geocaching was all about!  She was really good at it too and found one that Jack and I had searched for the previous day and couldn’t locate!

IMG_0748 IMG_0752

Now we are at one of my very favourite spots, Bargara and plenty of bike riding here and of course searching for caches, but for now, its cool and showery and so I have a chance to catch up on my blog.  Phew! What a great month!  Don’t laugh but we are heading back to Dicky Beach next week.  More on that next time!  Then we are heading north to Cape Palmerston for a week then the plan is to head west to Mt Isa, I think!!! Gotta get going some time!!

Until then, God bless

love and hugs Jack and Christine

ps there you go Fred 🙂

One thought on “Where did that month go?

  1. Wow you have done well……………love and hugs and hope we can catch up somewhere…..cape palmerston is nice but out of the way and u may not find a lot of bike riding, but then again u might and can walk thru the bush to the beach, which is beautiful, so hoping we will catch u there………….but only God knows, love and hugs sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooo


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