Change of plans

So another month has gone past, and what a month it has been.  We last posted when we were at Bargara planning to go back to Dickie Beach for another week.  It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that we go to Grandparents day at St Margaret’s each year, and it happened that this year we were up at Bargara, not too far away, so thought we would come back for another week at Dickie Beach, seeing as how we had enjoyed our time there before.  We had a lovely day with Scott Dee and Mackenzie at Grandparents day, then Mackenzie was off to a little friends place for a sleep over so we were able to have an ‘adults dinner’ out which was nice too!

IMG_0794 IMG_0786 IMG_0783

Then it happened!!!! The Great Peloton Pile-up.  Jack, Mackenzie and I went out bike riding around Dickie Beach.  All was going well until we were nearly back at the van when, crash, Mackenzie lost control and over she went.  Unfortunately, I was right behind her, and being a nana, my reactions were a bit slow and crash again, over the top of poor Mackenzie I went.  What a pile up!  I was in a lot of pain in my knees, and Mackenzie was so upset but thankfully not injured. I knew I must have done some serious damage to my right knee as it was so painful to walk on and very swollen, but with faith and prayer, within a few days I knew it would be ok!  It took 2 weeks to heal but I just know Jesus healed that knee!  How blessed were we, as we both were riding fast and on a concrete path, and as I said I went straight into Mackenzie so we really did get looked after.  When the dust had settled and we were recovering back at the van Mackenzie asked me “Nana, why didn’t you just stop?” Why indeed!

Next, and this is what I am enjoying about our great Aussie adventure, (plans can change), we had an unplanned week at Dayboro.  We heard that our brother in law Robert was in hospital overnight, so we decided to see if we could give them a hand for a week, as they were in the middle of pruning 480 feijoa trees.  They said yes, so we headed to their farm at Mt Pleasant for the week.  The farm is a beautiful 40 acres that they share with their son and daughter in law so for a few hours work each day we had the most beautiful free camp site! I loved walking around in the house orchard with the chooks the best! Have you ever notices how social chickens are. Anyway, here a just a few pics.

IMG_0814 IMG_0825 IMG_0820 IMG_0815

Ok, so by now its the end of June and we are off, to start our big lap at last!! Darwin, here we come, eventually, maybe (that’s the plan anyway)!!!!

Catch you soon

God Bless, J and C




4 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Great reading. Love hearing how your adventure is going. Was so great to meet up with you guys even if it was only for a short minute. I got to Clairview and had a great night. My trip was only a snippet of what you are doing however it keeps the appetite satisfied. I have just read the report of June and now it is the end of July. Look forward to the July report. Take care .


    1. Thanks for your positive comments Col, glad you enjoyed Clairview with your mates and are home safe. I have posted another blog tonight, trying to catch up while we still have power! We are planning on some free camping for the next leg, heading to Cammoweal then on to King Ash Cove.


  2. Hi Keeks, love your comments and photos, what a great way to remember your trip, stay safe and lots of love to you both xxoo


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