Cloncurry and Mt. Isa

So just making this post a small one.  For those who have asked if I can send these by email, hopefully the answer is yes and you are going to receive this post! Please let me know if you do (not you Heather or Col! I know you get them, and thanks as always for continuing to comment, we really appreciate your notes). Did not work the first time…trying again.

Here we are still travelling with Sue and Bob heading towards Mt Isa.  We had dinner at this quirky little restaurant full of rock n roll, holden memoribillia and old records.  Very unusual.



Also Susan pointed out this snake skin in the park – eck I hope I don’t meet the snake that left this behind! Ok on to Mt Isa so will leave this for now, don’t forget to let me know if you receive this via email! Thanks.  Christine xx

5 thoughts on “Cloncurry and Mt. Isa

  1. Hey Keeks, I have put your blog on as a favourite, which I find quicker and the pics have to be download when you go to the email, but on favs ta da, tis all there, love n hugs, will chat soon xx


  2. Sandy and I had some lunch in the same cafe with all the holden memorbillia??. when we were on the “Longride”. Not sure what you have been the last couple of nights, but it would be good if you can keep some for us when we do catch up. Sorry not going to make Broome, you need to slow down. If you are down around Perth when we finish the refinery we might get over there. Would be good to meet you over there. we will just have to wait and see. Take care.


    1. It was called FJ Holden cafe at Hughendon Col, great cafe hey! We can’t really go any slower mate, everyone tells us we he to be out of top end by mid Oct at the latest!!!! We plan on having Christmas down below Perth and may be in that area for a month, but as you say have to wait and see where and when!


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