Mt Isa and beyond

After my last post, I am so encouraged with all the positive feed back! Thank you for your emails, I will continue to try to make my posts interesting and add pictures when I can! Hang in there and stick with us!!!

So we are finally in Mt Isa with Sue & Bob.  The park is very dusty but we are in the outback, no rain for months, so we are not surprised, just dealing with it as best we can! Its not too hot and there is a breeze so we are feeling comfortable.  Mt Isa is, um, different I guess you would say.  Interesting to be here with Sue & Bob as they lived here in the 80’s for a couple of years so they showed us a few of their old haunts.  The look-out is amazing at night, as it looks out (haha) right over the mine which is huge and all lit up, quite spectacular.

mt isa

We also went out to the ghost town of Mary Kathleen which was very interesting to walk around for awhile and try to imagine how the town looked when it was full and busy…bit hard now there is only concrete slabs that is ideal for caravans and campers to settle on for a few days free camping.

IMG_3915 IMG_3918IMG_3910IMG_3921

We also went on a very dusty, rough dirt road out to a place called Fountain Springs…… it was so rough the boys stopped and let the car tyres down a bit, definitely helped! Look at the dirt on the ranger! Bet I know the first thing Jack will do when we are back at camp!!!

IMG_3935 IMG_3931

Fountain Springs was amazing (think I am going to have to expand my vocabulary a bit as I seem to use ‘amazing’ a lot), it was like an oasis in the desert!  So cool and peaceful, green and shady. I got my bird book out and sat for awhile, listening to the songs of the birds and the whisper of the gentle breeze in the trees, and thought about how blessed I am!

IMG_3949 IMG_3945 IMG_3942

Next day we went out to a dam, can’t remember the name, but am amazed (hang on, there’s that word again – look up synonyms…astonished, bowled over, dazed!!!) at the amount of water around here..we’re in the out back after all.

IMG_3954 IMG_3957

Next we went out to an historical under ground hospital that was built in the 1940s after Darwin had been bombed and there was a fear that Mt Isa would be next!  It was never used as a hospital, but the nurses from the hospital could go up there and sleep overnight after their shift, it was lovely and cool underground.

01cc0c7083e7db3799e341d51ca2d2c07ee4f5e7ad 01d50c358db4f40bb6a45aac9e6d73ad1b6f193c51 01267eee8b372d5cd12bd96b4eba70510ed59e122c

That’s Mt Isa done and dusted, pardon the pun!  We said farewell to Sue and Bob as they turned south from here, heading off to Boulia and working their way home.  Me and he are heading west to Camooweal.  See you there!

God bless,

Jack and Christine


4 thoughts on “Mt Isa and beyond

  1. Hey I got it. Wow you will be able to make this into a book. Would have loved to see the underground hospital. Where is your next stop


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