1/8 -5/8

We have arrived at Katherine, and are staying about 11kms southwest of the town, on a homestead station called Manbullo amongst a grove of beautiful mahogany trees, cool shade and green grass which is a lovely change from the dry parks we have been in, I guess that is too be expected in the outback.


At the back of the homestead is the Katherine River, quite a big flowing river with nice sandy banks, ideal croc country (?), maybe but we decided not to fish here after seeing the remnants of the last fishing camp…


Next day we headed off to Katherine Gorge for a look around.  Lots of exercise today!

IMG_4022 IMG_4023 IMG_4025  Seriously? Come on, well ok, I’ll have a go!

IMG_4032 IMG_4027

Well, that view sure was worth the effort! No swimming here though!

Next day we travelled out to Edith Falls, with the promise that there were safe swimming holes there.  And, yes, more hiking up mountains! We weren’t disappointed either, had a lovely hike to the first plunge pool, the water was so cold, I think we have been spoilt with the hot springs at Mataranka!  But it was quite refreshing after the walk in.

IMG_4040 IMG_4043 IMG_4049

Then, the walk out, we cleverly (not) decided to do the round trip and walk out the long route! Eck, by now its mid day and hot! It was only about 2.5 km walk but it was over boulders, tree roots and up and down bush tracks, mostly unshaded so it was quite an effort.  But, oh joy, when we got back there was another beautiful pool – heaven! Ok, at this point I have just one question, why did I see that sign after we had been swimming! Words like “very low” and “reduce the risk” are somewhat reassuring, I guess, and swimming with lots of other people helps too!  That’s my comfort thinking as we head off to Litchfield and the promise of more waterfalls and plunge pools!

IMG_4053 IMG_4054

Meet you there!  God Bless, Jack and Chris

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