Litchfield and Darwin

5-8 to 17-8

Pulling up stumps and on the move again! We have now done 15 000 kms, not sure if we are half way or not but it seems like so long ago we left home.

Litchfield – what a treat we are in for with our stay here for 5 nights.  Firstly, the caravan park was great.  We had a lovely grassy shady spot and the neighbours were very friendly and we really enjoyed their company and chats.


We started off the first day of exploring, driving into Litchfield to see what was around.  First stop was the amazing termite mounds, magnetic ones that point north-south… looked like a cemetery.  There was a guide there who gave a talk which was very interesting, all about the little creatures, but don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about termites here! There was also the more traditional mounds, or pillars – just huge!

IMG_4059 IMG_4058  IMG_4062IMG_4063


see I wasn’t exaggerating! They are huge.

Next stop, Twin falls….oh my, I must bring my swimmers tomorrow and dive into this plunge pool! We had a beautiful walk through the bush, following the creek, to the top of these falls as well.


IMG_4078 IMG_4076

I can tell you folks, that these pictures do not do the place justice, it was just spectacularly beautiful. So for the rest of our stay in Litchfield, we ventured out finding more waterfalls and plunge pools, with our swimmers and thermos of tea and spent the days swimming and picnicking….just perfect.


Also found a travelling hairdresser in the park who cut hair for $20, but I am not going to talk about that!

Then on to Darwin where we caught up with Garry Julie Joshua and Mitchell.  Was great to see them all and we were able to go watch Mitch at his athletics day on the Saturday.  He did very well too, I might add!

IMG_0998 IMG_1001 IMG_1004

Kicking myself that I didn’t get the camera out again on Sunday when they all came to visit at our caravan! Never mind.  We also did the Mindle Markets on Thursday night!  That was great, so many stalls and so much food!  Oh my gosh, and so we bought some Thai barramundi and went down on the beach to watch the sunset, spectacular.

IMG_0974 IMG_0981

The during the evening the street entertainer were there, entertaining! Great night out. We also had the van serviced here in Darwin and were able to have a mobile Jayco service man come to us! I loved his number plate too.

IMG_0967 IMG_0968

With Darwin done, we head ever more north, into Kakadu! What a magic place, the scenery, the aboriginal history and artwork, the camping. Great….tell you about it next time. Until then, love to you all

Chris & Jack

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