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Magic! Real!  Australian history right here!  This is Kakadu! How silly of me, all these years I have, like many Aussies, said there isn’t much history in Australia cause we are only 200 years old!  How wrong I have been proven and what an eye opener, since coming to Kakadu!  As I said about the War Memorial in Canberra, every Australian should come here.

We drove up on Monday from Darwin and stopped at the top end of the Kakadu national park, at a place called Merl Camp.  It was terrific here, real bush camping and only an few other campers around, each camp site was huge with plenty of room and a camp fire (though, I must confess there was hot and cold showers and toilets so we weren’t too uncivilized!).  And brekky was always good! Thanks lovey.

IMG_1042 IMG_1008

From Merl Camp we could do lots of bike riding as everything we wanted to visit was within 5kms.  So we gave the car a rest for a few days and pedalled.  We went to Cahill Crossing, where the river flows in one direction at low tide and the other direction at high tide and where you cross over into Arnhem land if you have a permit.  Cahill Crossing is a fantastic spot to spend a couple of hours watching the river change from low to high tide as there are heaps of crocodiles in the river (we counted 18 on our side of the crossing) and they all line up for the barramundi that swim (or get washed) across the crossing at high tide.  I was so impressed here as we got to see crocodiles in the wild doing what they do, no interference from man!

IMG_1052 IMG_1054 IMG_1055 IMG_1057

well…maybe a small amount of interference as cars and trucks do cross over regularly and we did watch as a croc was moving in on a bara only to have a car go across and wash the barra across and out of the crocs reach!

IMG_1043 IMG_1049 IMG_1046

the fishermen don’t bother the crocs at all….they are not allowed to use bait, only lures and they didn’t seem to have much success at all…the crocs were definitely out-scoring the fishermen with bara catches!

Just a couple more!!

IMG_4129 IMG_4130

ok, moving right along, by the way we went here each day to watch the spectacle so I do have lots of croc pics.

We learnt so much about the Aborigines here at the place they call Ubirr, their history is recorded so amazingly well in the art work on rocks…stories taught and handed down from generation to generation.  There’s old, old men here, who remember when they were children, sitting down in front of these ancient art works, being told the stories by old old men and what the paintings mean.  All through their life the stories are told, starting with children versions when they are small and expanding as they get more understanding as they grow up.

IMG_4108 IMG_4110 IMG_4111 these are great examples of their artwork, but we were to see better as we moved camp later in the week.  We had to track up a bit of a mountain to view these and other sights, and then that evening we went back up there to watch the sunset over Arnhem land, which is in view from the top of the mountain. Spectacular but I am not putting a picture of the sunset on here…you will have to come see for yourself!

IMG_4118 IMG_4115

One last picture before I finish with Ubirr.  This was our camp fire, somewhere in there is the billy!  Jack wondered what Col and Sandy might think of his camp fire! I’m not saying anything more!


Ok, that was the top section of Kakadu, we then moved camp down to about the middle to see the rest of what we had access too!  Coming up in the next blog.

God bless

Chris & Jack xx

7 thoughts on “Kakadu

  1. We absolutely loved Kakadu too. When we were up there we had people say don;t bother going to Kakadu theres not much there!!!! Glad we didn’t take their advice. Happy travels to WA. Will have to remember you are 2 hours behind there!!!


  2. The fire?, well I would say Jack used too much diesel. I did notice a glow in the Nth West , maybe it was your fire. so glad you are keeping us in your travels . Love reading and your pictures are great. I think the crossing you showed us would have been the place to launch the rubber boat to give it a bit of a turn over. Keep safe


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