Still in Kakadu


As much as we are enjoying the surroundings and our camp at Obirr, we are also conscious of the fact that day by day it is getting warmer and there are clouds now appearing in the sky each day so its time to move on.  We still have a long way to go to Broome and a lot of places to explore!  We want to be heading south by the end of September.

So, we packed up and moved camp to the southern end of Kakadu to a place called Mueriella.  Not quite such a good camp area but more to see and explore in this area.  We spent the next day in a place called Nourlangie and it was here I really started to appreciate our cultural history and how old it really is.  The art work here of bininj (aboriginal people) is outstanding and has given me a new appreciation of these ancient people and their culture.

IMG_1069 IMG_1072 Anbangbang Gallery II

Let me introduce you to  Namarndjolg (he’s the biggest figure here), a Creation Ancestor who now lives in the sky and can be seen only at night when he appears as a dark spot in the Milky Way. He has an interesting story, and a good lesson to learn…but you need to go see for yourself.  To Namarndjolg’s left, the white character is Namarrgon, the Lightning Man. He creates the violent lightning storms that begin in November, during the north Australian monsoon season. The band around him from his left ankle, joining his hands and head, and down to his right ankle represents the lightning he creates.  Beneath Namarndjolg is Namarrgon’s wife.

We climbed a mountain again to get some wonderful views of Arnham land – this place is really something else and the photos just don’t cut it, but you get the idea.

IMG_1084 IMG_1081


We also decided to do a sunset cruise on the Yellow River while here.  The bird life was wonderful, and plenty of estuarine crocodiles. And the sunset, oh my….this is where God really excels in His artwork!

IMG_1093 IMG_1115 IMG_1111 IMG_1102

Can you see the white bellied sea eagle perched right in the top of the tree in that last pic?  Huge bird, magnificent!

After a great 6 days exploring Kakadu its time to pack up and hit the road again, we still have about 1800 kms to go to Broome and plenty of places to explore along the way, don’t want to get caught in the wet season!  So we travelled onto Pinecreek and stayed at a little caravan park called Pussy Cat Flats.  I liked it here as it use to be a race course, which they have converted into a caravan park so they have a bar and restaurant there, so no cooking for me for the next 2 nights! Bewdy!  The roast night was great, roast pork, crackling and 8 veges! Oh, and the sticky date pud was pretty special too! My kind of camping!  It was here also that I got to see my first great bower bird and his nest, close up – was very excited!

IMG_1156 IMG_1159

Heading onto Timber Creek, then Kununarra next, so see you there!

God bless and love to you all

Jack & Christine xxx











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