Kununurra still, but moving on soon

31/8 – 8/9

Friday night in Kununarra found us again sitting down by the lake on the grass, with a cold wine, being entertained for 3 hours by a guy called Steve Case. He had a good voice, a bit like Cat Stevens, and a guitar and harmonica, and sang songs we could sing along to, plus a few he had written himself. He was a great entertainer and we were lucky to be there to see him that evening. I am sure you can utube him or google him and have a listen to some of his music.

IMG_4177 IMG_4179 IMG_4183

As the sun set and it became dark, Steve put lights on so we could see him, but then the insects were really bad around him, getting in his mouth while he was trying to sing!  So he ended up turning the spot light off himself – we sat there listening to the music, thinking “this is the first time ever we have been entertained by a tree”. Brilliant evening all round.

Next day we drove up to a place called Wyndham, by the sea almost, where 5 rivers join and pour out into the ocean. Wyndham is the oldest and northern most town in the Kimberley region, established in 1886 as a result of a gold rush. The boab trees out in this country are huge and some were even used as holding cells for prisoners. There are 3 or 4 famous ones in this part of the country and we visited this one whilst driving to Wyndham. Also a couple of touristy pics of this area.

IMG_4194 IMG_4198 IMG_4208 IMG_4215 IMG_4220

On the way home we drove a little way up the famous Gibb River Road into a place called El Questro, we actually drove through a couple of creeks and got the 4WD into 4WD !

IMG_4241 IMG_4239 IMG_4237 IMG_4231

A visit to the Hoochery Rum Distillery was also on the itinery, not that I was too excited about this, but it was an interesting little boutique distillery with a good story so it was an enjoyable visit.  The rum choc pud with rummy cream wasn’t too shabby either! And the loos where a bit unique as well.

IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4193

We again did some rock climbing and exploring in Mirima National Park on our last day in the Kununurra area. Can you spot me, in the first one, then Jack in the second one?  We were on either side of a bit of a gorge taking each other’s picture.


Then packed up and headed off again, travelling through the East Kimberley’s, we stopped overnight at a free camp site called Mary Pools, (I’m sure in the wet season the name suits this place!) where I took my first lot of cow photos since starting on this trip! Aren’t they just beautiful.

IMG_4261 IMG_4267 IMG_4270 IMG_4272 IMG_4274 IMG_4286 IMG_4289

Looking forward to Broome and the ocean!

In the mean time, love to you all, thanks for reading…sorry they come in spurts but I ran out of internet for a week so am now catching up.

God bless

Jack and Chris

5 thoughts on “Kununurra still, but moving on soon

  1. Still with you, good your 4WD was working.
    Now be careful when you get to Broome watch those camels on Cable Beach they can get aggressive they spit and bite Ya Ya !!!! Enjoy.


    1. Glad you are still with us! Guess its all a revisit for you guys. Aren’t the boabs magnificent! Did you ride the camels at Cable Beach? We aren’t going too, but did ride along side them on our push bikes yesterday!


      1. Oh year we couldn’t resist even if it was to be able to say we rode on the camel train and have our photo taken to prove it.


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