80 Mile Beach to Karijini National Park

18/9 –  22/9

Western Australia; what a vast state, huge distances between towns, so very little internet or phone coverage.  We have not watched TV in a long time and really know little about what’s happening in the rest of the world.  But that seems to be ok and we are surviving anyway! We did hear about Malcolm Turnbull, and the fact that now they no long use screws to put the name plate on the PM’s office door, they use velcrose! My sad joke of the day.  So, I promptly sent a letter of resignation to the LNP, as I have no heart for that particular battle any longer (probably no staying power, but that’s just how I felt at the time).  Anyway, politics is not what this blog is about, though I do want to record my thoughts and memories for reading back later, when this trip is long over and just a memory, with thousands of photos.

So, we said goodbye to our friends Wendy and Michael, in Darwin as they left the day before us, but we all planned on going to 80 mile beach so we knew we would catch up again there, for a few days.  80 Mile Beach, for me, is definitely one of the highlights, I really loved our time here, as the beach sand is hard so we could drive onto it and then drive for miles and miles and miles along the beach, stop and fish and collect beautiful shells.  While we were fishing, just a meter or two off shore, small brown tip sharks would be patrolling, fishing also, so it became a bit of a sport to cast out and see if we could hit one with our bait! I saw a shark chase a big fish and almost beach itself right in front of me!  Jack catch a small blue fin salmon, so Michael (who had a much bigger rod) put it on his line (Sue B maybe you should stop reading here!) for a bit of live bait, and then he caught a shark.  After the obligatory photos we let it go, poor thing was bleeding a bit from the mouth so I wondered if it would survive or indeed become food itself.  Then Wendy caught a good size blue fin which she cooked up for tea for the 4 of us that night, after gutting, cleaning and filleting it herself – what a woman! Ok Sue, just the photos now and you can start reading again!

IMG_4486 IMG_4487 IMG_4495 IMG_4499 IMG_4504IMG_4488

And, I didn’t get a photo, but would you believe, even though I had lots of bites all I could manage to hook was a sea shell!  We would have stayed here longer, but diesel was an issue – none available and we had already used our 2 20lt containers up and had to have enough to get to the next town.

From here we turned east, heading out to a national park called Karijini, we went through Port Hedland and saw a couple of huge ships heading out loaded with ore. They were massive.

IMG_1291 IMG_1297

Then we had an overnight stop at a cattle homestead called Indee Station, I was glad we only had an overnight stop here for obvious reasons!  This is where I saw my first desert pea – aren’t they beautiful.

IMG_1298 IMG_1309 IMG_1302 IMG_1301

Finally, we arrived at Karijini; this was real bush camping, similar to our  experience at Obirr in Kakadu, only now it was a lot dustier and the dust was a lot redder!! But the temperature was perfect, 30-32 through the day with a breeze, dropping to 10-11 at night, with a doona!!!

See you there,

Jack and Christine

One thought on “80 Mile Beach to Karijini National Park

  1. It’s ok Jack the fishing can only get betterer !!. Hope you can show us some more picies of the wild flowers of WA that would be great XX


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