Karajini National Park


Arrived here in the afternoon, staying at Dales Gorge in the National park.  with the promise of water falls, crystal clear pools and great walks in the gorge.  And I can assure you we were not disappointed on any account.  But first, and by special request (Tom & Tina) I must tell you about the wild flowers here.  Spectacular and beautiful,  amongst country side that is dry and dusty; no big trees but little stumpy scrubby things, are found the most lovely and diverse array of wild flowers.  I have already shown you the desert pea, with its vivid red petals and stark black pea;  here in Karijini I saw my first purple mulla mulla flowers, I thought they were lavender bushes when we first spotted them, they look a bit similar! We got the bikes down and did a lot of riding; I actually clocked my PB, riding 23 kilometres one morning!  I was so chuffed to think I could do that, no problem.  I did stop a couple of times, to take a photo or 2 of the flowers along the way,  so I will post them here first up.  I hope you enjoy them Tom and Tina, and that they bring back some nice memories for you.

IMG_1327 IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336 IMG_1439IMG_1446IMG_1452IMG_1456

You can also get an idea of just how red the dust is out there!  And just look at our feet!!!

IMG_1469 IMG_1470

The walk to the falls is quite a challenge, more a climb down than a walk really, but well worth the effort when, once down there, we could swim in the crystal clear, cool water and even sit under the waterfall itself. So special.


and a good opportunity to get the feet clean! The gorge walk goes from here at the base of the falls for about 2.5kms to a place called Circular Pool, which is just beautiful, not just the walk but the pool itself.  We didn’t swim here as the sun doesn’t get onto the water for very long so it was ccccccold!  Then we walked back again and had another swim at the falls.

circular pool Gorge walk 6 Gorge walk 5 Gorge walk 4 Gorge walk 3 Gorge walk 2 Gorge walk 1 IMG_1339

So beautiful and such a special time, despite the red dirt!  So much more to record of our visit to Karijini but will close this post and see you all again soon.  Thanks for reading our blog and giving us fed back!  Love and God bless

Christine & Jack





One thought on “Karajini National Park

  1. Love the wildflower photos remember them well. We didn’t see many until new got down near Geraldton, mind you we didn’t travel inland until we got to Geraldton then we did the wildflower circuits. Just amazing (awesome) the amount of different shapes and colours. Thanks Jack and Christine for allowing us to join you. Enjoy. lol


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