More of Karijini

Karijini is about 90 kms east of a mining town called Tom Price, built by Hammersley Iron in  1966 but now owned and operated by Rio Tinto, where iron ore is mined on a huge scale.  We drove into there for the day to have a look around.  More dirt!!! But we did enjoy the mine tour and saw some huge equipment, though were not allowed to go up and see the actually mine site at recently there had been an issue with safety on the road.  I won’t bore you with all the stats about this operation, but will say that millions of dollars worth of ore are trained out of here each day! And, each train is 2.5 kms long.

IMG_1352 IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1362

We also saw some sculptures in town that I am sure would look fantastic in the garden, what do you reckon Sandy!

IMG_1363 IMG_1364

We did a bit of ‘proper’ 4WDriving here too, went up a place called Mt Nameless, very steep and very rough, very slow going and coming down was interesting, we even had to engage our downhill assist in the Ranger! I really should have gotten out and taken pictures because these really don’t show how steep and rough it was!  But we did get a good view of the mine site from here, and were lucky enough to be up there when there was a blast ignited.  There’s the Ranger beside an old and superseded dump truck!  They make them bigger now, apparently! (Even though the truck looks to be on a bit of an elevated mound, it actually isn’t, that is how big it is compared to the Ranger.)

IMG_1369 IMG_1376 IMG_1386 IMG_1391

On the way back to camp at Karijini, we saw a road sign (just a picture of a camera) which we have come to realise indicates something to take a photo of (who’d have thought), something of interest, so we veered off the highway and went up a hill called RIP Hill.  What an interesting place, literally thousands of cairns there, placed by folks over many many years!  And the view from there was amazing also.

IMG_1393 IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1397

Well, that’s Karijini done and dusted, literally!!! We bid a fond (?) farewell, thank goodness, to the red dust, well, not quite as I am about to find out!  Will our home ever be clean again, I wonder as we head off towards Exmouth with the promise of ocean, coral reefs and snorkelling in pristine waters.  I can’t wait, but there’s about 600 kms between to get there!!

See you there

Christine & Jack



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