Arrived 8/10

Wintersun Caravan Park, Carnarvon is a gem.   Green grass sites with concrete slabs!  Shady trees!  Swimming pool! Beautiful, spotlessly clean abolitions block!  Car and caravan washing facilities (Jack is very excited), new front loader washing machines (with a separate old machine for washing dog bedding, now that’s a great idea)  and temperature, 29 degrees!  And all for $30.80 per night which is just about the cheapest caravan park we have stayed in since leaving home! This park is just about the best we have come across and we are happy to stay here for a couple of weeks!  They also have a roast beef and gravy roll night, a baked spud night and pancakes for brekky on Sundays!

Jack has the car and the caravan looking sparkly clean again and we have bought new door and inside mats, and I have had another hair cut, getting really short now!  Love it!


Carnarvon is a lovely little town, not a lot to do here, but relax.  Back in the 1960s there was an overseas tele-communication dish here and they were part of the NASA space project when the Apollo trips to the moon were happening so the museum is very interesting.  They even have an Apollo 11 capsule  simulator where we could hop in and sit just like the astronauts did, and ‘launch’ into space!

About 90 kms up the road is the spectacular Blow Holes on the coast! Wow, huge powerful waves and very dangerous if you get too close, people have lost their lives here fishing. At the same place, just 500 metres around the bend is another beautiful coral lagoon, calm and clear! Amazing.  As I walked up near the rocky cliffs, which Jack had climbed up, he called down to me and asked if the sheep were still there??? What? Sheep on the beach – I am now thinking maybe I should drive back as JD seems to have gotten too much salt air, maybe he’s hallucinating! But then, I see them!  Tucked up under a rocky outcrop, I had walked right past them!  Who would have thought! Sheep on the beach!

IMG_1604 IMG_1612 IMG_1679 IMG_1692 IMG_1695 IMG_1557

We drove along the coast road for a bit and pulled up on a rocky outcrop for lunch, with a spectacular view out to sea.  It was very windy so we were just sitting in the car eating our lunch when I spotted a water spout out there, a whale!  We grabbed the binoculars and watch 3 or 4 whales out there flapping their fins and tails, wow awesome!  How blessed we were to be right at the right spot!  Thank you Lord, am always in awe of His timing!! And His blessings!!

We have plenty of opportunity to ride the bikes here too, which is always a bonus.  We are now regularly riding 15-20 kms each outing.  We rode all the way into town, then out the other end another 3 kms to One Mile Jetty.  No longer used and right beside the Light house so there is another museum here with lots of interesting facts and photos of a bygone era.  The light housekeepers cottage is still there, and the lady that attends it was actually born there, the 3rd daughter of the lighthouse keeper.  She was lovely and had lots of stories and interesting things to tell us about the jetty and the lighthouse.

IMG_1635 IMG_1637 IMG_1641 IMG_1642

There is a cute little steam train you can ride on out to the end of the jetty, but we were there a bit early and they hadn’t started for the day, so we walked out and back, then pedalled home! I slept very well that night.

Yipee and yahoo, I am now up to date, we are currently still in Carnarvon, awaiting parts for our caravan air conditioner which has decided to stop working!  No problem though as we are enjoying 11-29 degree days in a lovely caravan park, with no where to go or to be, until the beginning of November when we meet up with Sue and Bob in Perth, and maybe also Anthea and Lyle too!  Am excited to be seeing them!

Thanks as always for reading our blog and for your messages.  We miss everyone, especially the kids and grandies!  And you too, of course!!

Love and hugs

Jack & Christine


3 thoughts on “Carnarvon

  1. The pics look fabulous and I have to make mention of how great you guys are looking. Totally impressed at the 20klm bike rides you two.!!! So looking forward to the pics of Monkey Mia. Love and hugs H xx


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