30/9 – 8/10

After the heat and red dust of Karijini it was nice to be back on the road heading towards the coral coast and looking forward to snorkelling and catching up with Wendy and Michael again.  We decided to take 2 days to travel across so we pulled up at a free camp the first night.  Then away we went again with the aim of pulling up at another free camp the second night.  As we were travelling, the outside temperature kept rising, and rising!  By the time we got to our planned second night free camp, the wind had whipped up and it was 43 degrees.  We thought we would have a coffee and we decided that it was too darn hot to stop here;  by now the wind had turned into a gale and a very very dusty one at that!  So we sat in the van and had our coffee then pushed onto Exmouth!

Hot, tired and very dirty, we were allocated our spot, the only caravan amongst camper trailers and tents.  It was school holidays and we were hemmed in on all sides by young families with lots of kids, loud music and, by the evening, lots of beer also!!!!  We thought ‘great’!!  However, everyone was so friendly, the kids were great and we enjoyed getting to know these lovely young families!  And we made a start on cleaning the red dust out.  But the best by far was catching up with our friends and going snorkelling at beautiful Turquoise Bay where we could literally just walk into the water and swim out about 20 metres over the coral and swim with the magnificent fish!  I was in awe of the variety of fish and the vivid colours, not only of the fish but the water itself and the coral!  I even had a white tip reef shark swim lazily by me! Wish I had an underwater camera!

IMG_1490 IMG_1496 IMG_1519 IMG_1522

There were many other places along this coast line to visit, its all part of the national park called Ningaloo and these are just a few pictures that don’t really show just how beautiful this park is! There was always opportunities to spot whales too, but we definitely needed binoculars for this!

Exmouth also has a resident emu population, that live in the town and also out at the caravan park where we stayed, about 12 kms from Exmouth.

IMG_1502 IMG_1494


Still a lot of cleaning to do, the park here is just not suitable to washing the car and van down, and our outside ground cover, which use to be grey is now quite red, but we have had a great time here.  On to Carnarvon now.

God bless

Jack and Christine


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