Denham and Monkey Mia

23/10 – 27/10

Gosh the pressure is on to post our visit to Monkey Mia, so am taking some time out of my very busy lifestyle especially at the request of you, Chrissy, and posting the pictures from Monkey Mia and Denham.  Its not as straight forward as it seems to post here you realise!  First I have to down load pictures from both Jack’s and my phone, then we have to sit and look at them all and put them in folders! THEN I have to have internet and have to sit inside the van as outside is too bright for the laptop screen.  Then of course there is always folks to talk too, places to go look at, ice creams to eat and very occasionally a bit of housework to do. So having filled you in on all that, you can understand why sometimes I don’t post as often as I would like too!  What a load of malarkey!  I could do it of an evening but I like to put my feet up, watch a bit of teley and knit or crochet, getting a couple of major projects completed which I am happy about. I think the biggest problem is the vastness of the state, which means internet is not too good and is slow a lot of the time. Anyway, on to Denham and Monkey Mia.

We had a great camp site at Denham, right on the beach which was fantastic though unfortunately we couldn’t swim there, way too shallow and way too windy, but the view as we sat in bed of a morning with a cup of tea was stunning.

IMG_1973 IMG_1977 twin vans

Monkey Mia is about half an hour’s drive up the road so we headed up there for the day.  They told us to get there early, about 8 am as the dolphins come in then and they only feed them 3 times a day.  What a wonderful experience we had with these lovely creatures.  The pictures probably do a better job than any words I can write down.

IMG_1801 IMG_1803 IMG_1816 IMG_1833

Aren’t they just gorgeous! And there was about 10 of them that came right in, but not all of them get fed, only 3 or 4 and they only get a little bit of food.

IMG_1838 IMG_2014 IMG_1748 pelicans

Don’t you love the pelicans too, what characters they are.   The internet is really slow here (we are at Geraldton) so I will just post this now and post part 2 later on.  (This has taken me 1.5 hours to do!!!)

Love to all,

More of Denham & Monkey Mia to come.  Jack & Christine

2 thoughts on “Denham and Monkey Mia

  1. Haha, sorry about the push for the pics 😃 the photos have not failed to impress.!!! Monkey Mia looks stunning. The dolphins are beautiful. I can only imagine how incredible it must be to stand in the water with them. Yes indeed, you guys do have the lifestyle. Thanks for taking the time to put up your posts and pics. We are following along and enjoying OZ with you. Much love Chrissy xx

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