Kalbarri and gorges

27/10 – 31/10

Murchison River and more gorges to explore; not sure if I am thrilled about this or not.  I should be really really fit by now and skinny, shouldn’t I?  Well, maybe I am fitter than I was before we started but the weight I lost in the first 3 months, has found me again, who’d have thought it with all the riding we do.  But Jack says its probably to do with the nibbles and the blue cheese with strawbs and pears (and bikkies) that has set me back.  Gee! The fish and chips and ice creams probably don’t help either but at least I am not gaining more!  My clothes still fit me comfortably.  Anyway I digress, though you will have to remember that this is a record of our trip for you to read, but also for Jack and I too.  So please bear with me if I go off on a tangent and waffle on a bit now and then (kinda like now).  I will get  back on track.  Now where was I?  Oh yes, Kalbarri and the gorges.


The middle pics are of a place called The Window to the World, quite spectacular and yes we had to walk and climb and puff and pant for about 3 kms to here, but thank goodness we chose not to go right down into the gorge itself, it was about 45 degrees down there, and about 9 kms round so no thank you, not today!

IMG_2099 (2)

Then the next day, guess what! We got the bikies out and went pedalling out of town to a place called Rainbow Park.  It’s a big place full of the most colourful and various parrots of the world.  While I disagree with birds being kept in cages, I was pleased to see the huge walk thro aviary where most of the birds are flying free and there are lots of trees, pools etc for them. We saw some awesomely beautiful and spectacularly colourful birds, just amazing.


Just a sampling, aren’t they beautiful.

Next morning I was walking back from the amenities and stopped to chat to a couple who were packing up and moving on.  She happened to tell me they were going to visit Prince Leonard in the independent (from Australia) province of Hutt River.  This sounded interesting so we found out where it was, about 70 kms from Kalbarri and off we went to explore. This guy was a wheat farmer back in the 1970s and took on the Australian government over taxes on wheat and eventually was able to declare his property (after a lot of court and legal battles) a province and he the prince, his wife the princess.  They are now totally independent from Australia, they have their own post office, government offices, diplomats all over the world,  if you have your passport you can get it visa stamped, if not you can buy a visa at the post office (if you want a souvenir  of your visit).  They have their own flag, stamps, paper money and coins!  Prince Leonard is a wonderful, intelligent man of 90 years now, his wife has passed away but he still runs the place along with his sons!  Well worth the visit. So interesting and so glad we came here.

IMG_2063 IMG_2065 IMG_2066 IMG_2072 IMG_2152 IMG_2226

The coast line around WA is quite spectacular and we enjoyed exploring this section at Kalbarri, also more of the wild flowers here.

IMG_2103 IMG_2105 IMG_2132 IMG_2237IMG_2134IMG_2104 (2)

So we headed off from Kalbarri, next stop Geraldton for a few days.  On the way there we stopped at a pink lake and took some pictures.  That’s something you don’t see every day.  Until next time, love and hugs to all from us…miss you all heaps.


IMG_2136 (2) IMG_2139 (2) IMG_2140 (2)

One thought on “Kalbarri and gorges

  1. Hello to the travelling Delaney’s. Love all the pictures. Love the ramblings you do also. Just like you are sitting in the back yard having a wine. Take care


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