7/11 – 16/11

Arrived in Perth on a hot day but no wind! Yes, the caravan park has a lovely swimming pool so we were able to cool off before we start our week of exploring this lovely city, and spending time with Sue and Bob.  We did a ‘dry run’ to Fremantle to check out the roads, traffic and where the cruise ships docked, ready to meet Sue and Bob off their cruise the next day.  All good, so successfully picked them up Monday morning from the ship!  So happy to see them both.  We are also meeting up with Anthea and Lyle for lunch, will be good to see them too.  But first, we head off to the Fremantle Jail for a look into life in prison.  The jail was closed in the 1990s; it wasn’t a very nice place to be, I should have thought its reputation would have been enough to put any potential bad guys off, but apparently not, it was always quite full.

After our tour of the jail we headed up to Perth to meet up with Anthea and Lyle for lunch at Dome.  Queensland, you need to get Dome happening!! They are great coffee, lunch, meeting places, very modern with loads of character.  Hopefully they will come to Qld soon.  We had a walk around the Perth Mall too and found the lovely, quaint Londonderry Mall.

Next day, Tuesday we went to the Royal Mint and met up with some more rellies for lunch.  This time it was my brother in law’s sister Helen and her partner Bruce.  Lovely to see them again after so many years.  Hopefully, over the Christmas period we will be able to catch up with them again as they live over this way.

The transport system in Perth is just great, so easy to get a train into the city, and once in there, the buses to everywhere are free and colour coded, so even I could work it out!  So we caught the bus from the mint up to the Perth Botanic Gardens at Kings Park.  Wow, what a park!  And they have got it sooo right, with all the flowers, scrubs and trees being from WA.  The wild flowers are simply amazing and we even saw 5 different colours of Kangaroo paws, one of Jack’s favourites! ‘Stunning’ falls a bit short of just how lovely these gardens were. And the views over the Swan River and city where beautiful too.

The next day we headed on an adventure with Sue and Bob to Rottnest Island, a lovely 40 minute cruise by catamaran across to the island from Fremantle.  Sue and Bob picked the cat up in Perth so had a long slow cruise down the Swan river first.  Once over on the island, we hopped on bikes and rode across to the far side of the island, stopping to looking at scenery and beaches along the way.  We pedalled out to the lighthouse too, but Bob was the only one who felt inclined to then climb up inside to the top! The island is famous for a little creature called a quokka, a small native marsupial found in very few other locations.  And it is indeed how the island got its name, way back in the 1700s when the Dutch discovered the island and thought that the quokkas were rats! Hence Rottnest Island!  They are so cute and very friendly!  We ended up doing about 22 kms for the day and finished off with a lovely swim on the beach before hopping back on board the boat and cruising back to Fremantle and home.

Wonderful day; we said goodbye to Sue and Bob, but happy knowing we will catch up with them again before they finish their holiday in WA and head back to Qld.

For Jack and I, another few days exploring Perth and, of course, we just HAVE to do the ‘Freo’ Markets!!!  Then on to Margaret River.

God bless and love to you all, thanks for reading

Jack & Christine

3 thoughts on “Perth

  1. You folks sure get about, great photos. We enjoyed Kings Park The Botanic Gardens were worthwhile great views. Seeing your photos makes us want to head out again. Enjoy

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