Margaret River still

The coast line is spectacular and we headed right down to the bottom of WA, the most southerly western point in the state, Cape Leeuwin.  Windy?  You’re not wrong, blowing a blitzer but a wow factor of a place!  The old light house and light house keepers cottages are all still there. Also this is the place where the Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean crash into each other, can you see the line where they meet?? Me neither, maybe we needed more wind!  The cows around the south west corner of WA were part of the CowParade in 2010, where they called for artists to create 42 life size fibreglass Friesian cows and calves, that would be auctioned off (for charity) and ‘put out to pasture’ at wineries, galleries, restaurants, caves and lighthouses after the parade!

As we headed back from Augusta we stopped of at Hamlyn Bay where we had a “Money Mia” type of experience only this time it was stringrays that come in for a friendly visit.  There is no cost or tourist type set up here though, so we could just walk down onto the beach and hope we would be favoured enough to see them.  And of course, we were.  We did hang around and go for a long walk along the coast line first, but then I noticed a family walking along in the water, taking photos and thought ‘bingo’ that has to be one!  Off with the shoes and up with the trouser legs and I’m in the water marvelling at this little fellow as he swims around, seemingly oblivious to the excitement surrounding his appearance!

There is also plenty of caves in the region so we headed up to the other end of the coast region, Dunsborough and a spectacular cave called Ngilga. As we drove through Dunsborough we were stopped for a breath test and then thought we must have missed the sign that said “People over 30 must not enter this town” until we realised it was schoolies week!! So, a quick drive around the town then out to the cave we headed.  Caves never seem to disappoint, they are always amazingly beautiful and Ngilga was no exception.  And what we really enjoyed about this cave is that there is no guided tour, we could just wonder through it exploring as we wanted, stopping and taking photos at our own pace, it was truly a delightful experience.

More to come….stay tuned, Margaret River is just wonderful!.

C & J


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