Margaret River

16/11 – 2/12

Perth was great, we really enjoyed our time there, sight seeing and catching up with family and friends.  But now its time to move onto Margaret River, though I am concerned about the food and wineries available in this district so need to keep myself in check! LOL. We found another farm stay, this time a sheep station called Big Valley, with a caravan park and loads of farm characters!  The sheep are particularly noisy the day we arrive, we find out its because the lambs are being separated from their mums and the ladies aren’t happy about it; made me feel a tad guilty as we had bbq lamb chops on the menu for tea! Oh well, there was lots of chickens roaming around too, but I did enjoy my bacon and eggs for brekky (was relieved to find that the only pig on this farm was Ollie the pet pig).  Much as I love being on farms, and I do, I was never cut out to be a farmer that’s for sure! I love it here, the chicken yard is huge and I could spend hours watching the hens scratching around and chatting in their own way, the roosters strutting around, watching and looking around, keeping an eye out for danger lurking in the bushes or in the sky above, with their harem of 5 or 6 hens following loyally behind them. Jasper, the juvenile emu, what a character; checking out what this hen is scratching and that hen is pecking, following Milly the lamb around or trailing after Ollie only to peck his feet if he dared stop moving.  The guinea fowl, geese, ducks and there was even a peacock that had wondered in from they-know-not where to join the farmyard family. The hens even came over to visit us every day.  Gosh it is relaxing, I am going to enjoy our 2 weeks here.

IMG_2607IMG_2701 IMG_2517 IMG_2482

Our first day we drove up to Busselton as I needed to pick up my new glasses. So we got that sorted and explored the town.  We didn’t do much here, except had lunch at Dome, we could have walked the 1.8km jetty and gone into the under water observatory that’s on the end of it, but we didn’t!  Too expensive, as we haven’t started on the wineries, chocolate factories, cheese places, cookies, nougat or lolly shops yet! Next day we visited our first winery, the credit card is safe here as we have come to stroll around the magnificent gardens at Voyager Winery not to buy wine, not even tasting today!

IMG_2445 IMG_2446 IMG_2447 IMG_2449 IMG_2454 IMG_2455 IMG_2489 IMG_2499 IMG_2505

Just beautiful – I said to Jack I would love a vege and herb garden like the one here!! Isn’t it great!  We did a few other wineries of course during the time we stayed in Margaret River, and yes we did buy a couple of bottles but not too many.  Ok, so next stop was the chocolate factory – proud to say we didn’t buy anything there, but were able to try a few samples.

IMG_2512 IMG_2513

IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2461

Margaret River has a lovely art gallery also, its not just about the wine and food.  This horse sculpture outside was fascinating.

IMG_2582 IMG_2583

And I would love to bring this quirky couple home to Kingaroy!

IMG_2712 IMG_2581

Much more to see and do here so will post this and keep going with more!


Jack and Christine




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