Wagin, Hayden & Katanning


2/12 – 10/12

We rolled into Wagin for our first night stop, into the showgrounds at $6 per night, not bad, but no power or water but we are ok with that, we have tanks full and solar power so we set up camp, having decided to stay 2 nights to have a look around.  Jack found a bike/skate board park and could not resist doing a few laps around the skate bowl!  Big kid! Wagin is such a little town but they have a wonderful heritage village right next door to the showgrounds, so we spent a good couple of hours wondering around in there.  They had shops and camps, and huts of old, all dispayed in a village setting, really very impressed with it.  Of course, as with all old villages, there was the old “dunny” so we had to get the obligatory ‘sitting on the dunny pic’, well, you have to, don’t you!  Mackenzie, remember nana told you about these sorts of toilets!  Glad we don’t have those any more.

The next day we headed out to Wave Rock, and along the way we found a turn off to Lake Dumbleyung, where there is a Donald Campbell memorial, at a place called Pussy Cat Hill, overlooking the lake, which at the moment is just salt flats, no water!  So off we went to explore, hoping that the dirt road didn’t deteriorate too much and that we would be able to turn around, as we had the van on of course. What a surprise when we reach the memorial some 17 kms later.  Big parking area with amazing views of the salt lake and all the history of Donald Campbell’s record breaking water speed record. The upright memorial stone has a hole in it and at the precise day and time every year (the time when Donald actually broke the record) the sun shines through that hole and the spear of light illuminates the little boat (the BlueBird) on the map of the lake.  Check the photos you will get what I mean.

Back in the car, back on the tarred road again and on to Karlgarrin, near Hayden and Wave Rock, and a quaint little caravan park called Tressies.  We are staying here 4 nights and hope the wind drops off a bit and maybe the sun will come out too!!  Off to Wave Rock for the day, lots of walking here, climbing too and of course the amazing rock itself.  There are other places to visit here too, like Hippo Rock, Mulkie’s cave and The Humps.  See if you can figure out which is which.

At the information centre here there is also a huge display of one man’s work on miniature armies and processions of the world! Amazing work.

That bottom photo is depicting Queen Elizabeth II coronation parade!

From here we headed to Katanning as we had been told of the new sheep sale yards there, the now biggest in the Southern Hemisphere (I told you we had to fill in a bit of time!!) But on the way we did a mini detour to find the Tin Horse Highway, check out these little beauties, some people have a really good sense of humour and imagination.


And that’s by now means all of them!  Haha so cool.

Arrived at Katanning, we are the only ones here in a rather run down, neglected caravan park but we are only here to see the sheep sale yards after all.  Honestly, I have never seen so many sheep in one place in my life, it was massive and unfortunately we could not get a photo of the whole place as it was just too big.  We joined in with the group of people, following the auctioneer around, selling off pen by pen of sheep, the pace was fast and furious and I have yet to work out what language he was speaking lol.  The smell was, um, very farmy and the flies were hanging around.  Jack had to speak to me about swatting them, he was worried we would end up buying a pen of sheep! It was a different experience and we were glad we visited Katanning.

So, next stop is Stirling Range, we have heard there are mountains there to be conquerored so we are anxious to test out our fitness after all the bike riding!  See you there.

God bless

Christine & Jack



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