16/12 – 2/1/2016

Arrived in Manjimup and staying here for Christmas, so after setting up the caravan, we put up some tinsel and lots of solar lights, can’t wait for the sun to set so we can see the lights at night.   Oh darn, we soon realise that it doesn’t get dark til 8ish, and by then we are normally inside as it becomes too cold to sit out!  They look great though, through the van window and I’m starting to feel its Christmas time! Even if it is cold!

We also went to Christmas carols in the park, freezing cold but we stuck it out! LOL.

This sure is the place of big trees, so we set out to check them out….there are two we visited, the Diamond tree and the Glouster tree that were used as fire towers with a platform at the top.  You can still climb up them, if you want to….no, thank you….far too high and not very safe looking.  Not sure where workplace health and safety fits in here in WA but certainly you would not be allowed to climb these huge trees in Queensland without safety harness, nets etc!

More big trees…..

We did a lot of exploring around in the forests here, such lovely places and lovely birds, especially one of my favourites (since being in south WA) the blue wren, if you sit quietly for long enough, you are sure to see one – getting of photo of it is a different story as they don’t sit still, flittering around all the time.

Aren’t they gorgeous.  In the end, I cheated, and goggled some photos!!! But we did see blue wrens just like the ones in these pictures!

We ended up staying in Manjimup nearly 3 weeks, so got to meet some great people, our friends from Carnarvon are here with us, Dave & Pam and we also ‘pal-d up with’ another couple with a Silverline van like ours, Harry & Pam and then Parry & Leanne pulled in next to us.  We all got along so well together we organised both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with them at the camp kitchen, then invited everyone else in the park along, so had 2 great fun nights – lots and lots of finger food, laughing, exchanging travelling stories,and phone numbers etc. Harry plays a 12 string guitar and sings, so that added to our enjoyment also.

We did some sight seeing too, of course, it sure is a beautiful state and down here in the south is magnificent, if some what cold!  We aren’t getting any of the heat waves that have been around causing bush fires in other parts of the south, thankfully.  Though a bit of warm weather would be very nice.

Manjimup, what a great little town, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay but it’s time to move along, I guess.  Destination Denmark, and another farm station stay.  These have been great along the way, and we are finding we prefer this kind of camping to the normal caravan parks.   See you there.

God bless

Jack & Christine



3 thoughts on “Manjimup

  1. You did not have to go all the way to WA just to see the blue wren you have them at your back door here flittering around. Yes they are cute!!! Such a lot of great sites around in that area, Enjoy!


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