Arrived here to a quaint little caravan park, very small and no one around, just a notice on the door saying to set up anywhere – so we did.  Then we headed off to see the Granite Skywalk, as we had seen a picture of it in a brochure and thought we would check it out.  I should have found out about it before this adventure!   We pulled up into the car park and read the information signs.  A 2.2 km walking trail, moderate ascent leads to the skywalk.  Ok, so off we set, and yes the trail is moderate, no clambering over rocks but it is an ascent, all the way!  It’s getting hot, but luckily there is plenty of trees so lots of shady spots along the way, and lots of steps!  Huffing and puffing (note: me not he),  we arrive at the rock!  There are handles bolted into the rock to grip as you climb up the rock, go round the bend and there is a 7 metre ladder to climb up to reach the skywalk. No, I can’t do it!!  Jack does, so I walk onto another lookout site where I  can look up and see Jack enjoying the sights from the skywalk!  Ok, maybe I will have a crack at it – so I did, carefully and slowly and I made it!! Yay!  I was so happy and Jack said he was so proud of me to have a go!!!!  And the view was well worth it, just amazing!!!

It was an exhilarating experience, even  though it was a bit scary.  There was also an amazing balancing rock there too.   It was funny as we were talking to a  young couple that were looking at the balancing rock, but he said he wasn’t going to touch it!!!! That’s how it looked too…if you touch it, it might just topple! I told Jack to go stand near it so I could take his piccy!  DON’T TOUCH IT JACK!  Lol.

Until next time….God Bless

Jack & Christine


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