2/1/16 – 17/1/16 Not able to book into Walpole, we travelled on to Denmark and a lovely farm stay again. From here we can easily travel back to Walpole and see the sights there, doing day trips.  Since travelling down the west coast a few people have told us “you must do the Wow cruise at Walpole” so ok, we made that our first planned thing to do, and because we were going to Walpole we also decided to do the Valley of the Giants, where the Tree Top Skywalk is and some magnificent trees.  The cruise was amazing purely from the entertainment point of view, from the guy doing the commentary.  I can not begin to describe him here but he was very very good and very entertaining whilst telling us all about the history of this cruise (been going for over 100 years – started by his great grandfather), together with the history of Walpole, according to him, the belly button of the world (there’s the north pole and the south pole, and then there’s Walpole).

Check out the guy with the basket, he’s got a cockatiel in there, takes it with him every where. After our cruise we went out to Valley of the Giants.  A really Wow experience here, the photos tell the story better than I could. Amazing place.

Next stop was Mt Franklin, more spectacular views and more climbing mountains, can you hear me groaning from here!!  At the top of the mountain is a manned fire look out observatory with 360 degree views of the valley below.

I am so far behind with my blog now……but am making an effort on this rainy day in Arno Bay to catch up, hopefully.  See how we go.

See you again real soon,

Jack & Christine

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