Excited to arrive in Kalgoorlie at last, and it’s not stinking hot in February, as we had been warned, so we are thankful.  There is a swimming pool in the park and we did use it while we were there as one of the days did get to a very pleasant 35 with little humidity.

The Super Pit here, where they mine for gold, is just amazing, so very huge, but yet not as deep as the tunnels the early miners dug with pick and shovel would you believe!  Dotted across the walls of the super pit you can see where the tunnels had been. We visited the super pit 3 times, and also did a tour which was  very interesting.  We went up and watched the blasts, which happen once a day at a set time, which they let the info centre and the caravan parks know, they were awesome!

Everything is huge here, including the dump trucks, diggers and excavators, but its not until you get up close to them do you really appreciate just how big, big is.

Kalgoorlie also has a lovely very old theatre, creaking floor boards and all, a charming spot and we were lucky to be there when a lady was rehearsing on her piano so got to sit for awhile and listen to some beautiful music.

On backwards we go, heading back a few weeks to Esperance now, or maybe I will go back to after we left Denmark and move forward to Albany first! Confused, me too, but I’m catching up, thankful that the internet is quite speedy here, so will make the most of it and keep going.

J & C

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