More of Denmark

2/1 – 17/1/2016

So, my blog is so far behind, I have forgotten to post the rest of the photos and stories from Denmark, so need to revisit for a bit!  Doh.

We celebrated our 41st Wedding anniversary here in Denmark, and went out for lunch at a very lovely restaurant with very lovely seafood platter, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The dessert wasn’t half bad also!

We caught up with friends we had met along the road and we all went on the local Fish n Chip cruise up the river, then down again and out into the esturary.

It’s all about food at the moment, so it seems, so I will tell you about marion.  We have been hearing about marion since we had been to Manjimup, its a sort of crayfish, we gather so when Jack and I were out driving one day and saw a sign at a café offering marion for lunch we decided to pull up and try some.  Wasn’t expecting to see beautiful blue marion, though these weren’t the ones we ate, they are more for show and export – they look very exotic in fish tanks, apparently.  The marion we had was very similar to crays, brown looking until cooked then reddish.  Very expensive and not a lot of favour so we were a bit disappointed, but at least we can say we tried them. The restaurant was lovely, with solid timber top tables cut from the local trees.

Next, we visited the very beautiful areas of Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, and had a swim in the crystal clear, but very chilly waters here.  So beautiful we visited here twice during our stay at Denmark.

That’s Demark, done and dusted, a very beautiful part of WA.

See you in Albany

Jack & Christine

2 thoughts on “More of Denmark

  1. Lost you for awhile for some reason. Russ and Amy are in Albany and like it so much they have stayed for awhile. Russ got a job in IGA so working from 4pm packing shelves and supervising. Loving it as it suits them to stay awhile.They are extending their time until next Christmas, long time no see, so missing the kiddywinkles. Keep on enjoying your trip of a lifetime, you might find you wont have a base anymore. Keep on enjoying you love birds- seafood and wine, what more could you ask for:)Love to you bothxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    1. I know we are very intermittent here due to busy busy lifestyle lol. Russ and Amy must be happy living in Albany, it is such a lovely place, but then there are so many lovely places coming across the bottom and into SA. Its been an amazing trip for us, really enjoying it and can’t believe we have been on the road for over 12 months now. I am not on facebook any more so glad to hear from you here! I am terrible for keeping in touch xx


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