Hello!  It has been awhile I know, as the internet service has been slow or non existent – what a vast country we have!!!  Also, I guess we have been very busy enjoying life, lol.  We are now in Port Lincoln, heading towards Adelaide, so I thought I would just go back a little bit, to the Nullabor and I can catch up previous adventures (Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Hopetoun and Albany later).

The Nullabor was a great drive, we did it at a comfortable pace and had 4 nights ‘wild camping’ (as some German tourists we met called it, we say free camping) along the way.  The camping areas are really good, with rubbish bins and lots of cleared areas to choose from to set up camp each night.  We could drive a kilometre or 2 off the highway into the scrub so no truck noise either.  One camp we drove in 2.5kms and ended up right on the cliff tops, the Bunda Cliffs, about 90 metres high, over looking the great southern ocean.  The sunset that night was spectacular and very little wind!  The next morning was a different story, very foggy and very very windy so we quickly packed up and drove back out to near the highway and had brekky there.  Being on the edge of Australia was truly an awesome sight, and we have decided we would like to come back and do it all again when the whales season is on! The first picture is on the famous 90 Mile Straight, the longest straight stretch of road in Australia…. 146kms with no bends or curves, and that’s us pulled over for a few wide loads.  Those dump trucks sure make the van look small!

We drove into The Head of the Bight, which is a tourist whale watching place, so unbelievably beautiful here and there are viewing platforms to watch the whales in the bight, when they are there!  As I have said before, the photos don’t do these beautiful places justice. We’ll be back.

We crossed the border into South Australia and had to put our clocks ahead 2 1/2 hours, which felt a bit weird for a couple of days.  As I said, we loved the Nullabor its an experience I can highly recommend, whether you have a caravan or not.

Catching up now!! See you in Kalgoorlie as I back pedal a bit!

J & C

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