Arrived in Albany on a cold day, wet too!  Misty rain and cool wind, not what we were expecting in January, middle of summer, I can tell you.  So we thought it would be a good day to go visit the new ANZAC War Museum here, trouble was everyone else had the same idea.  So we walked around and looked at all the exhibits we could that were outside, and will save the museum for another day.

Susan and Bob had visited Albany before Christmas and told us to make sure we visited the whaling station here, so we did!  It was very interesting and we spent several hours roaming about the old station, I am so glad they don’t do whaling anymore, very brutal.

The new Anzac museum here is fantastic, very well done and again we spent quite a few hours looking through everything and reading the old diggers stories.  As it was inside we didn’t take a lot of photos, its now school holidays so there were lots of people and lots of children around.

We also climbed all over, under and through the Brig Amity replica which was very interesting and informative, I certain wouldn’t have enjoyed a cruise on this little vessel, very tiny and squeeshy on the inside!

We had a lovely week here, caught up with the folks we had spent Christmas and New Years with, they are travelling in a van the same as ours, with a cute little dog called Molly, she is a sweetie, so thought I would include a pic of her also.  Why not.

IMG_3341 (2)

Until Esperance, see you later.  C & J



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