23/1 – 28/1/2016

Hopetoun, and a beautiful national park called Fitzgerald River National Park and another mountain to climb.  This one, East Mt. Barren, was a steep climb but much less of a challenge than Stirling Range and we got to the top, no worries.  Unbeknown to us, friends who are in the same caravan park as us, went for a drive and saw our car in the car park at the base of the mountain, so guessed we were climbing it, so David got his long range lens out and took a few pictures of us when they spotted my bright green shirt!

IMG_3410 IMG_1439 IMG_1441 IMG_3335

The summit and what a magnificent view….


We saw so many beautiful and unusual wild flowers here too, so Jack got busy taking photos, the orange and red I think were banksia and from the top looking down on them, well have a look at these….stunning….


We also explored the coast line, the beauty of our Australia sometimes takes my breath away.


Sort blog this time, moving on to Esperance and some more amazing sights.

Love this life!

Jack and Christine




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