28/1/ – 4/2

Esperance, what a lovely place, spectacular scenery yet again.  Our first trip took us up to the Rotary look out, then we drove the ocean road and were in awe of the beautiful coastline here.

We stopped at one look out along the way and there were hang gliders floating around.  One guy was very obliging and ‘hung around’ us for ages so we could get some really good pictures of him! Show off!  No, we were glad he did, and told him so…well yelled him so!

We also did a lot of bike riding here, Esperance was fairly flat and had a lovely walkway/bike track right along the seaside, with a great coffee and food area right in the centre of town, also on the seaside, so we could stop there for coffee then continue on. Lovely.

Next we went to visit Stonehenge, the fully restored, as it was originally, copy version!  It was amazing, built exactly to scale, sacrificial alter and all.  Very well done and great for snapping photos – heaps of, even took one of them taking one of me!!

From there it was off to Lucky Bay – wow, what a beautiful spot, another one. This is one spot we are definitely coming back too one day, during whale season, as the whales come right in here and you just sit on the beautiful, squeaky sandy beach and watch them.  Definitely added to my bucket list for a revisit!  We even got to say hello to a couple of locals eating the sea grass!

Such a great place, would love to spend a few months here!  Well from here we travelled up to Kalgoorlie, then crossed the Nullabor, but I have already posted those experiences so now its on to Ceduna and exploring the Eyre and York Peninsulas of South Australia.  See you there,

love and God bless

Jack & Christine

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