Ceduna, Eliston

13/2 – 19/2/16

The Nullabor behind us, we are travelling along the coast, around the Eyre Peninsula then on to Adelaide.  The Nullabor was a great experience, now looking forward to Ceduna.  Such a pretty coastal town, I could definitely stay here for a few weeks, but we are on a time limit now as we have to be in Adelaide in 2 weeks time, and I guess we do have to get home at some stage.  While I miss the kids and grandies, that’s for sure, I have no real rush to be ‘home’, we are so enjoying this beautiful country.  There is so much to see out here and so many lovely people travelling, and so little housework! What’s not to like about this lifestyle.  Anyway…

Ceduna & Elliston both lovely places so will just post a few pictures, we did a bit of touring around taking photos but that’s about all so not too much to write about…


that’s Ceduna, didn’t take many photos here, oops.  We did have a lovely night out at the beautiful Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel one night.  The dinner was so big we couldn’t fit in any of the tempting desserts, so we went back the next night for coffee, port and dessert! Splendid.

Eliston next, we went for a long drive out to some cliffs while here, to see a seal colony.  We did see lots of seals but the cliffs are so high that we could not get very close at all, so its a bit hard to see seals in the photos, but they are there.

See those white looking dots on the rocks? Seals!  We also found a lovely drive along some other cliffs nears Eliston and here we were able to get down to the beach, some interesting rock formation here too.

On to Port Lincoln next…..C & J


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