Fitzgerald Bay & Port Germaine


It’s time for some more wild camping so off we set to Fitzgerald Bay, where apparently the crabs are in abundance and you use a rake to get them! Apparently!  We are with the friends we crossed the Nullabor with and they had been told of this spot.  Anyway, after 12 kilometres of dust and gravel, hills and gullies we realised that we had better find somewhere to turn around before the road deteriorated any further!  Over the next hill and there we go, a camp site!  Big enough for both vans to go into, right opposite the water looking across the bay to Port Germain, our next stop!  There was no sandy bottom to the bay, just all rocks so not able to rack ’em in or fish for that matter but it wasn’t a bad stop to camp for 2 nights, the sunset was absolutely spectacularly amazing!

It looks dusty, and it was, but over the 12 months on the road we have grown accustom to the rough side of wild camping and don’t mind it at all.  Check out the sunset though…

Gosh that’s beautiful!!  Packed up and set off to Port Germaine for a couple of days before heading into Adelaide.  This is a lovely little town with a 1.5km jetty as its claim to fame!  That means the tides here must be huge!

That’s from the end of the jetty looking back to Port Germaine!  One loooong jetty! Nice sunsets here too, and lovely country markets on Sunday which was a bonus.

Now we head to Adelaide and our next adventure.  Tell you all about it when we get there. Starting to feel like we are heading home.. J & C


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