Port Lincoln


We have a beaut site here at Port Lincoln, overlooking the port.  We are perched up on a terraced hill and its just so nice, if only the wind would stop blowing!  Still, there is a yacht race from Adelaide to here over the weekend so I am sure they at least will be glad of it.

The sea food here is in abundance, especially local oysters and whiting.  And we were treated to a spectacular full moon over the water…perfect. Had a delicious sea food lunch at the marina too.

Out driving again, looking out at the ocean, so beautiful, from the advantage point of the cliffs, the edge of Australia still!  Magnificent and so so pretty, the water is so clear and so blue.  Here we were treated to seeing a sea lion surfing the waves into the beach, it wasn’t fishing, just having a great time surfing the waves.  We watched for about half an hour and I can’t help but think, how blessed are we, it was almost like God made up for us not being able to see the seal colony very well, with this single sea lion just enjoying the day!  I didn’t actually get a photo of it but took some of the beach and surf where it was, don’t think you will be able to see him though.

So beautiful, will definitely be looking to visit here again, next time for a month or two.  Australia is so big; we had envisaged,  when we started out, setting up camp somewhere we loved for a few months, but the longest we have stayed in one spot is just over 2 weeks, there has been so many places and so many kilometres to see.  By the time we get home we will have seen a lot, but still a heck of a lot more we haven’t, but we have a good over view now and have a list of places we must revisit in the next few years!  No moss gathering just yet!

From Port Lincoln we head to Arno Bay for a couple of nights, just to have a look around.  While here we visited Coffin Bay and Tumby Bay, both beautiful spots, once again, will have to revisit for a lot longer next time. We also got the bikes down and went for a ride along this very long board walk by the river, and took the time to find a couple of caches as well. Nice visit here.

Moving on again,

J & C

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