1/3 -15/3/16

Arrived at West Beach, what a beautiful beach it is too, and the caravan is huge, expensive and very nice!  Perfect spot for Jack to spend the next 12 days on his own as I abandon him to fly up to Brisbane to stay with Mackenzie while her mum and dad go to Las Vegas!  I had resolved to never ever fly again, but as we have been travelling I have learnt to trust my God and vowed that in 2016 I would not live in fear.  Little did I know that I would be tested so soon!  However Scott and Dee booked my flights, business class, which was a real treat and the flights up and back were just lovely, smooth and uneventful which is exactly what you want!  Thank you my God, ever faithful.  I had a great time with Mackenzie, taking her to school each day and then to her activities after school.  It was lovely to see her playing tennis, horse riding, gymnasticing (?) and dancing.  Then on the weekend we, Mackenzie and I, drove down to Byron Bay for the weekend to see Steve and family.  The timing of my trip to Brisbane was good as it was Xavier’s 3rd birthday so we were able to be there for his birthday party on Saturday.  I had a busy week too, and was able to catch up with both Sue and Bob one day and Heather another,  then on separate days 2 girlfriends from Kingaroy.  Would have liked to catch up with Chrissy too and Sue in Brisbane, but time just ran out and I was back on the plane and back with Jack before I knew it.  That time went so quickly.  Scott and Dee had a wonderful time in LasVegas, renewing their wedding vows in Elvis Chapel and heaps of other adventures.  I was so glad that it worked out that I could be there so they had this special time together.  To say nothing of time with my grandies.

Back in Adelaide, with Jack, but only for a few days.  We caught up with Jack’s nephew,  Richard and his family for dinner in town on Saturday night.  It was lovely to see them all again.  They had taken Jack out to a show during the week too.  We did a bike ride to Glenelg too, such a lovely part of Adelaide, I would have loved to stay longer but we are thinking we need to get home now and make our plans for the house etc.  So we hitched up and headed off to Blanchetown, after a change of plans heading up the highway!  A few days beside the Murray River seems to be a nice way to finish off our big lap, a few free camps and a few hundred kms and we will be home!  Gosh!  So maybe only one or two more blogs to go… you all, God bless, see you on the Murray.  J & C

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