Blanchetown to Walcha



Pulled into the Big 4 at Blanchetown, which in fact is a little 4 really, just a quaint little no fuss park right on the Murray River, and right besides Lock No. 1.  Lovely grass area on the banks and a love swing so we could sit and watch the pelicans paddling around at the base of the lock, fishing! Then an extra treat as Tuesday was the day the Murray Princess comes up the Murray and through the lock, so that was entertaining.

We had a nice couple of days here, just chillalexing!  Then pushing on to do a bit of free camping as we head up the road towards home.  We found a great free camp, again right on the banks of the Murray river….it was lovely and peaceful as we were the only ones there so spent two nights.  On the way here, we came across a dust storm that stayed with us for about 100 kms, sometimes it was so thick we could only see a few meters ahead.

Robinvale camp site……just lovely…..

Then on to Goolgowi caravan park, just for one night, not much here except the pub for tea, nice not to have to cook, hey Jack! LOL. Moving on, next night we are into Forbes.  What a lovely town this is and the free camp is right on the lake, right at town so we were able to just walk across the bridge to get supplies.  The night we were there, there was a lot of mobile homes in, as they had just come from a solos convention at Forbes for a week.  there had been 350 vehicles, all with solo people travelling.  Forbes is on the list now for a revisit!


From Forbes its onto a free camp at a tiny place called Ballimore, where the pub had come highly recommended for dinner, and it was pretty good tucker and the locals were friendly, though we were parked right next to the railway line.  No problem, they said, only one train a week, they said!  They lied!  Twice during the night we thought we would get run down by the thunderous trains, miles long, rattling through right next to us!!  Good joke on the grey nomads! One more night of free camping, this time at Premer, a place we had stopped at over night when we first began this journey, almost 12 months to the day.  Then onto Walcha for Easter.  We want to be off the road during the Easter break and this little caravan park is a corker, really lovely, probably the best and cleanest amenities we have had and lovely and peaceful.  This’ll do for 6 nights.

Jack & Christine

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