Walcha to Kingaroy

24/3 -31/3/16

While in Walcha we decided to take a trip up memory lane, and headed up to Aspley Falls, this was where Jack took me for a picnic on one of our very first dates!  Back then the water was following, the falls were always a beautiful place to go.  We packed a picnic lunch and off we headed.  It’s a bit different now, sadly, no water so no falls was the biggest change.  Its very dry here in the Walcha area, I guess, just like much of Australia.  There are paths and walkways and lots more stairs, lots more access to view the gorge itself, which was lovely.  We enjoyed walking around the rim, with all its overhanging viewing platforms.  Could have done without some nice people warning us, on our walk back, that there was a king brown sunning itself on the rocks “just ahead, on the left”!  Sheeshh, thankfully we didn’t see it.  All in all, it was nice to be here.  In Walcha are quite a few nice cafes and lots of bike tracks, dotted with queer and unique wood sculptures.

Then an stop overnight at Texas and on to Kingaroy and our big lap is done and dusted.  We have done just over 37,000 kms, used over 5,000 litres of diesel, have been on the road  400 nights and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Have been so blessed with good health and overall great weather and of course we have seen so many wonderful sights, and have met many lovely people.  This is by no means the end of our travels, we are already planning our next trip!  Hey, thanks for reading this blog, and thank you for stopping ing to comment now and then,  its been great to hear from you.  Looking forward to catching up soon.

I guess this is signing off from our big lap….see you on the road again some time soon.

Love and Blessing

Jack & Christine


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