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Bio: Feb 2015 We are setting out to travel around Australia over the next 12 months or so.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Helloo! Lovely here at Yamba the park is amazing and really lovely. Have had a great weekend with the kids, but now they have all gone home so we are just relaxing and catching up on a few things here and emails. Love to you and Bob xx


  2. I guess it must be quiet now that the kids have left with all the blogs on the computer. All quiet here this weekend. Sorry I’ve missed your phone calls. We’ll be getting ready for church soon. Not much to report. Love you both Bob and Sue x


  3. Good to read your blog. I have been surveying the water maps for Burrum Heads and looking forward to June. I did read that any boat with 4hp or more has to be registered and any boat with a 6hp or more you require a licence to operate. I am telling you this as I am not sure what motor Jack has on his rubber. What caravan park serves cocktails in the pool. How good that must have been. Like been in Fiji. Take care and happy touring.


    1. Hi Col….we have 4hp (that way we don’t have to have licence! Just putt around!) we are still working on this blog, trying to figure out how ppl can follow us and get notice via email when we post. Also can you let me know if you get any notification of this reply to your comment pls??? Ye this place is like being in Fiji however can be very dangerous on the pocket as we don’t have to take money with us to the pool, just our tag and its all just put on our account!! Its hot here today but very windy so not sitting in pool today! Cheers, Jack and Christine


  4. Goodo, I have studied the water around Burrum and making sure I have all the safety gear in the boat. Been busy making the burley. should be good. Weather permitting. If weather no good they have a good hotel, or we can play cards and drink coffee at your van. hahaha.


  5. You are right. I burnt out the blender you gave me making the first lot. Now I have to do it by hand. Even better now since the pilchards fell out the freezer and I found them the next day. Hope the lures work good. You better have Christine on the engine incase you get hooked up and she will need to follow.


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